A New Mom’s Guide to Going “Green”

Being a new mom can get overwhelming. Aside from figuring out how to care for your little one, there are just so many options out in the market for a new mom to choose from. While those options, more often than not, prioritize practicality over being eco-friendly, you can still make the switch to more earth-friendly choices if you want to create a greener household for your family. We’ve listed down seven ideas below to help you start.

A New Mom’s Guide to Going "Green"

(Layout) Switch to Cloth Diapers

Did you know that your newborn baby can use up 8-10 diapers on average everyday? This means that in a week, you can dump 56-70 pieces of used diapers in the garbage that will go straight to the landfill. While it’s practical, it doesn’t make Mother Earth very happy. What’s an eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternative? Try shifting to reusable diapers! There are a number of local brands who produce ready-made cloth diapers with snaps on them for easier changing. They come is a variety of colors and cute designs too! Once your baby soils them, just pop it in the washing machine and leave it under the sun to dry. It takes some getting used to, but the savings it will give you and the garbage space it will free up is sure worth it!


(Layout) Ditch the Disposable Wipes 

Just like disposable diapers, most wipes are not biodegradable. While it makes clean ups easier, it makes it hard for the earth to break it down and decompose. What can you use instead? Buy a few pieces of small towel or lampin that you can specifically use in wiping your baby clean after every diaper change. Pop it inside the washing machine after every use and you’re good to go!


(Layout) Support Brands That Contribute to Nature

When you go to the grocery or scroll through products online, you’ll find that there are so many options to choose from. How do you choose which ones to buy? Choose a brand that’s intentionally eco-friendly like Tiny Buds. The brand promises that each product is lovingly made with all-natural ingredients, gentle on babies, safe for the family and friendly to the environment too! Also, they have a partnership with WWF where a percentage of their online sales are donated to the organization. Check out their products and do the shift!


(Layout) Buy Pre-Loved Items

You’ve probably heard countless of times how babies grow up so fast! You know that bassinet you’ve been eyeing to buy for your baby? She’ll probably sleep on it for three months only. Instead of buying brand new baby stuff, consider buying pre-loved items from other moms. This can help you save a big amount, plus, reusing items can lower the chances of it ending in the dumpster.


(Layout) Accept Hand Me Downs

You’ll be surprised how willing other moms will be to pass down some of their baby’s outgrown clothes to you! Have an open mind in accepting them so that you won’t need to buy new ones for your baby. Reusing clothes lessens wastage and it maximizes the production footprint used to produce the set of clothing passed down to you.

(Layout) Choose Items that Grow with Your Baby

Items that have a single purpose end up in the trash sooner. So, when buying big-ticket items for your baby, choose the ones that are mutli-purposed. One example is the high chair. Instead on choosing one that is just a high chair, look for one that it convertible to a booster chair, a toddler chair, and a normal adult chair. By buying items that can grow with your baby, you lessen the chances of throwing it out.


(Layout) Explore the Outdoors

Admiring the outdoors and falling in love with nature will inspire you to take care of it more. Bring your kids outside as much as possible and ground yourself. You’ll feel motivated to be a “green” mom more for your kids and for your family.

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