We Found a Natural Baby Bottle Cleanser That’s Certified Safe for Your Baby!

A mother’s breast or a milk bottle, depending on how you choose to feed, is a baby’s lifeline in the outside world. After being nourished through the umbilical cord while still inside the womb, now your little one receives nourishment through his little mouth. This is why it’s so crucial for all parents to make sure that what comes in contact with their baby’s mouth should be clean, germ-free, and non-toxic. Is it enough to use regular dishwashing soap to wash baby bottles, pacifiers, and teethers? The answer is no!

We recommend Cradle Natural Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser. Unlike regular dishwashing soap, it’s free from harsh chemicals yet proven to kill 99% of germs on your baby bottles, making it 100% safe for your baby. Read on to know why we gave this product the Baby and Breakfast Seal of Approval.

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Note: Baby and Breakfast’s Seal of Approval is granted to selected and recommended products for parents and kids of different ages, based on product effectiveness, packaging, and consumer reviews. We want to help guide you in making smarter, more informed purchase decisions. 


It Has High Quality Cleaning Performance
Many think that when they choose natural products, they are compromising effectivity. It’s because of the notion that chemical products clean better and faster. The video below of a scientific experiment debunks this notion. Cradle is a non-toxic bottle cleanser that is proven to effectively kill 99% of germs and disease-causing bacteria!


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Your baby’s immune system isn’t developed enough to fight off some infections. That’s why it’s important to choose a natural-based product that’s both effective and safe to make sure that all of your baby’s bottles have no milk residue left! You see, without proper cleaning, milk residue can linger in your baby’s bottle and form into bacteria. How do you make sure that you’ve cleaned every nook and cranny? Use Cradle Natural Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser! It’s clinically-tested to be the most effective in removing breast milk residue, and food odors from your babies bottles and utensils vs the other brands.


It's 100% Natural-Based
Cradle Natural Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser is the first and only USDA Biopreferred bottle wash in the country!  It means that it’s made with 100% natural-based and edible ingredients, making it perfectly safe for your baby. It has no synthetic fragrances, dyes, phosphates and Triclosan unlike regular dishwashing soap. It’s so natural that Cradle can also be used to wash vegetables and fruits without worrying about unwanted toxins and harsh chemicals.


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Meticulous moms always want the best for their baby. That’s why if we’re talking about choosing the only product that can give them the peace of mind when it comes to bottle cleansers, then include Cradle Natural Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser in your next grocery list. These moms definitely agree. See what they have to say below.

You can learn more about the difference between all-natural bottle cleansers and regular dishwashing soap here and if you need a guide to safely storing and cleaning your baby bottles, here’s a good article to help you start! Visit Cradle’s website to know more about the brand or browse their latest products here.

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