Planning a Home Party: A Guide for Any Occasion

Celebrating birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and other events may have changed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as fun and meaningful. Intimate get-togethers at home give us a chance to spend quality time with our loved ones and remind us of the many blessings we are grateful for. After all, being together is what counts!

If you have a special event coming up, throwing a party at home is a great idea! But where do you start? Like any event, home parties involve planning and preparation. We’ve gathered some helpful tips to guide you in planning a memorable party at home for any occasion. Are you ready? Keep on reading!

Planning a Home Party: A Guide for Any Occasion

Decide on the Kind of Party You Want to Have

What type of party are you comfortable with? A dinner party? A drive-by? A virtual party over video call or maybe a family-only event at home? You can always base your decision on what is most practical and what you can manage for now. If most of your guests live far away from your residence, then maybe a virtual party is better. You can consider a drive-by if you prefer having a small program outdoors rather than communing in one space.

Boy Parties: You’re Invited to Drive by John Skylark’s Fruity First Birthday Party / Photographer: CA Productions


Create a Guest List and Send Invitations

Think of who you’d like to invite and create your shortlist. You can also base your guest count on the number of people that can safely and comfortably fit in your dining area or living room. If you’re having a lunch or dinner party, you might want to limit the number of guests according to how many people can sit around your dining table. And to reduce paper consumption, simply send out digital invitations through email or messaging apps. There are plenty of creative invitation templates available online, so you wouldn’t have to worry about designing. Sending invitations makes your event so much more official and exciting!

Boy Parties: A ONE-derful Bunny Themed Drive-by Party for Franco / Photographer: Keno & Krit Baby Photography


Choose a Theme or Color Motif

Depending on what you’re celebrating, you can also consider appropriate themes. For birthday parties, the classics like books, movies, and characters will never go out of style. You can also play around with patterns like florals or geometric shapes. There are also themes that remind you of your favorite memories like a travel-centric party. Another option is to choose a color motif such as pastels and neutrals or more festive colors like gold, silver, red, or green. Choosing a theme or motif will also help you determine what to do for decorations and styling.

Boy Parties: A Birthday Party and Gender Reveal: Nature Popped-Up in This Celebration! / Photographer: Nice Print Photo


Purchase or DIY D├ęcor

To help you out, ask for assistance from a professional stylist or a creative friend to bring your party theme to life. It’s also now more convenient to source party supplies online! If you only have a small space to work with, try focusing more of your decorating efforts towards table styling. Another idea is to create an area where you can set a backdrop and place props. This will surely look amazing in photos!

Girl Parties: Callie’s Baptism Reception Was a Dusty Blue and Celestial Chic Haven / Photographer: Everyday Sunday Studios


Plan Your Menu

Good food always makes a party memorable, so go ahead and order your favorite party dishes like Pancit or Lemon Chicken from Queensland Catering Services. Home parties will surely become more fun when you get to serve dishes from their delectable celebratory menu! If you have virtual guests, you can consider sending them packed meals or desserts so you can simulate dining together. You can also plan your menu around the theme of your party. Filipino dishes would be a great idea for a Filipiniana-themed party, tacos for a Mexican-inspired celebration, burgers and siders to create an American diner vibe, or a minimalist birthday cake that reminds you of your favorite KDrama.

Photo from @queenslandcatering


Prepare A Simple Program

To keep your guests engaged, play some party games that both kids and adults can enjoy. A simple Bring Me game, charades, or Pinoy Henyo will always be a crowd pleaser and they’re convenient to do with small groups. For gender reveal parties, you can raise the stakes by giving away special prizes to those who guessed correctly. Just keep it short, sweet, but fun!

Boy Parties: Baby Blue’s First Birthday Was a Backyard Pow Wow / Photographer: Destined Stories


Clean and Sanitize

If you are having guests over in your home, make sure to do some general cleaning and disinfecting at least a week or a couple of days before the event. Wash and sanitize all pieces of silverware that you’ll be using. Prepare a sanitation station by the entrance of your home to make sure everyone stays healthy and safe!

Girl Parties: You’re Invited to Breakfast at Marvel’s for Her First Birthday Bash / Photographer: MC Project


Prepare Party Favors

Small tokens to remember such a happy occasion will be much appreciated by your guests! You can surprise your guests with giveaways like scented candles or personal care items. You can also prepare edible souvenirs, like customizes sugar cookies, which your loved ones can enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

Boy Parties: A Birthday Party and Gender Reveal: Nature Popped-Up in This Celebration / Photographer: Nice Print Photo


Cherish the Memories

Try to unplug and save the social media posting for after the party. Spending time with family and friends is a luxury, so savor every minute without checking your Facebook or Instagram feed. But do take as many photos as your keepsakes!

Boy Parties: Fly Away with Trey Baron in His Paper Airplane Themed First Birthday Party / Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings

If you need more party planning ideas, take a look at our articles on how to throw a virtual gender reveal party and birthday parties at home for kids!

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