What to Consider Before Choosing Your Baby’s Godparents

Godparents aren’t just gift-givers during birthdays and Christmas. They serve a special role and responsibility in your child’s life. Traditionally, you choose godparents who share your religious beliefs so that they can help you teach your child how to live out your faith. But the duties of godparents don’t have to be limited to religion alone. They can be part of your chid’s life in many ways and provide your family with love and support.

Many names might already be coming into your mind as you list down potential Ninongs and Ninangs. So, here are some considerations you can keep in mind as you select from your pool of candidates. Keep reading!

What to Consider Before Choosing Your Baby's Godparents

Choose Someone You Both Trust
Godparents can be anyone among your close friends, your best friends since childhood, siblings, or cousins. These are all people whom you love and trust with your whole heart, so who do you choose? Ask yourselves first what does a godparent mean for you and what role do you want them to play in your child’s life. Another significant question is: Who would you trust to raise your child in your place in the event you are no longer able to?

Think of Who Can Be a Good Example for Your Child
It’s always good to have plenty of positive examples and role models for your kids. Think of people who can serve as inspiration or even as mentors for your child. Do you have friends who are talented in the Arts or are interested in the Sciences? They may be able to help your child pursue their passions in the future. You might also have people in your life who are excellent leaders. Think of potential Ninongs and Ninangs who can pass on good qualities to your child.

Consider Who Can Help Teach Your Faith
Religion and spirituality are a big part of a godparent’s role. Who are the people in your community that are knowledgeable about your faith and can provide guidance for your child regarding your practices? Together with you, the parents, godparents are your child’s guide in embracing your faith and living out your values.

Take Proximity Into Account
A practical factor you might want to include is where your Ninongs and Ninangs are located. Would it be more ideal to choose godparents who live nearby than those who are based abroad? If having godparents who can be actively present and physically visible regularly matters to you, then you might want to select those who are relatively within close proximity. For Catholics, godparents are also required to be present in the baptismal ceremony. And as we’ve mentioned, godparents don’t just serve as people who give nice gifts during holidays, they play a role in helping you raise your child, too.

Choose Those Who Will Be There for You in Times of Need
In times of emergencies, who can you call for help? Who would be willing to babysit or pick-up your kids from school? Godparents are people you can turn to for support and assistance when necessary. They’re also the ones who will cheer you on in every struggle and milestone you experience as parents.

We hope these tips help you out, Moms and Dads! But whoever you choose, having godparents simply means the amount of love and guidance your child receives grows even more.

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