7 Effective Ways to Lessen Your Scrolling and Increase Your Living

Moms and dads, do you feel like your anxiety levels are taking a hike and your productivity levels are going for a deep dive? You may be struggling to stay in the moment because your mind keeps on wandering off? If this perfectly describes your current state, then you might be suffering from screen and social media fatigue.

While scrolling keeps you updated and connected, it can also make you feel overwhelmed and insecure. This might sound like a surprise for you because screen time effects are usually discussed for children, but they do affect you, too! Here are seven mindful ways you can cut down on your scrolling so you can do so much more!

7 Effective Ways to Lessen Your Scrolling and Increase Your Living

Keep Meal Times Sacred

Keep your phones off the table while you enjoy your food. Besides, there’s a lot of preparation and effort that goes into preparing a meal so might as well be fully present by not scrolling through your social media feed.

Limit Your Non-Work Screen Time

Especially for those who are working from home, you spend most of your day in front of a screen. Instead of opening the television to unwind or loading your youtube app for the latest video content, pick up a book instead or have a face-to-face conversation with a friend. Think of activities that will help you move away from your phone and other types of screens.

Set a Timer

Decide on how much screen time you’ll need for leisure then download a timer app that will automatically lock your phone once you’ve reached your limit. This will help you stick to your plan of limiting your screen time.

Write It Down

Instead of opening your notes app in your phone, get a pen and paper to write down your reminders. Going back to the old school way of taking down notes can make you more present and intentional. You’ll be surprised that you’ll remember your tasks more.

Do a Phone Call Instead

It’s easier to send a message through text or messaging apps but why not challenge yourself to make a call instead? It will get your eyes off the screen and it will even help you save time in composing and rereading a message.

Assign a Charging Station

Instead of carrying your charger everywhere, assign only one charging station in your home. This will help you take a rest from your screen while it’s charging.

Pick Up a Hobby

Preoccupy your hands with other hobbies. Have you always wanted to try knitting or crocheting but never seemed to have the time? Try it now! Or maybe you’ve been itching to paint or draw. Line up activities that will help you forget about scrolling and idle thinking.

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