What This Single Mom Learned About Success and Motherhood Through Yoga

Yoga has many physical, emotional, and psychological benefits. For Sam Dominguez, her motivations for practicing yoga take a deeper and intentional route. I found out about Sam thanks to a wellness webinar I attended where she was the Meditation facilitator. Her bio instantly stood out to me, because of the many roles she fulfills. Among her roles are: a marketing agency CEO, a yoga teacher, and a single mother.

As a daughter of a single mother myself, I know how much parents like Sam should be applauded for all their hard work. While Sam guided us into a meditative practice, I couldn’t help but want to know more about how she accomplishes all her roles.

I had the privilege of talking to her personally and I learned about how yoga has helped in her journey as a Mom and in finding a new meaning of happiness and success. Keep reading to know more about Sam’s inspiring story!

What This Single Mom Learned About Success and Motherhood Through Yoga

(Quote for layout) “I was 19 when I had my daughter. My priorities changed but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my career.”

Sam had big goals for her career. She had everything planned out, but what she didn’t expect was becoming a Mom at the age of 19 years old, just as she was finishing her college degree. Though she had to take a sabbatical leave from school until her baby turned a year old, Sam’s determination did not waiver. Marriage was an option, but after careful consideration, Sam found it best to stay single and to raise her daughter, Breanna, on her own.

“My priorities somehow changed but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my career which is also the reason why I didn’t choose to get married. It was an option on the table but I thought that it would be best if I focused first on the foundation of my career, and also my daughter.” Sam Dominguez

(Quote for layout) “I realized that climbing the corporate ladder and reaching all these career milestones weren’t making me happy.” Sam Dominguez

On top of her professional goals, being a Mom gave Sam the fuel to provide for her daughter. However, after almost a decade of working in the Advertising and Marketing field, Sam started questioning her motivations and if having a prestigious job title, and an impressive salary was truly making her happy.

“I was experiencing anxiety attacks while at work, every now and then I would have episodes. I was being rushed to the hospital because I was overloading so much work. I started shifting jobs and I looked for companies whose values are same with mine but sad to say I didn’t succeed in finding one. The way a company measures and values an employee is not supporting my well-being. It made an impact on my psyche.” Sam Dominguez

Sam was craving for a change that would help her live in a more fulfilling and healthier way. That’s when she discovered yoga. Yoga wasn’t always a passion for her. At first, she thought the practice went against her on-the-go personality. But she opened herself up to trying something new by participating in a community class in her village, and the result proved to be rewarding.

“When I joined the yoga class, it was 7 in the morning at a community studio in my village. Surprisingly, I felt at home. I felt at home with my own body.” Sam Dominguez
(Quote for layout) “We are allowed to rest, to relax, to just be.” Sam Dominguez


You could say Sam had an epiphany during that community yoga class. Taking a moment to focus on breathing, and just relaxing helped her make such a significant change in her life. A change that would lead to a huge impact on the course of her work, the quality of her relationships, and her outlook.

“In the fast-paced world of Marketing, I am used to chasing deadlines and achieving corporate goals that I forgot what to rest and relax means. And Yoga taught me that, to tend to my body’s needs and that I don’t have to always perform at my best. Realizing all of these, I started making Yoga a part of my life.” Sam Dominguez

Through yoga, Sam finally found a way to care for herself. Since that community class, Sam made it a point to set aside time for a daily yoga practice. She started feeling the physical effects of yoga, too, as it cured her migraine and anxiety attacks.

It took some time for Sam to contemplate whether to leave the corporate life completely and become a yogi full time instead, but her love for her profession motivated her to pursue Marketing projects independently while undergoing yoga teacher training. Sam left behind her hectic lifestyle so she can also spend more time with Breanna. Now that her daughter is a teenager, Sam wanted to be even more involved and participative in Breanna’s life.

“I want to embody the philosophy of yoga not just in class but beyond that. My daughter is also part of the reason why I became a yoga teacher. She’s already a teenager and we all know teen years is when we start exploring many interests, and I want to be there for her. All these realizations and insights encouraged me to create a lifestyle that best serves my soul and needs as a human being.” Sam Dominguez

“I don’t think I’d be a good mother if I’m not taking care of myself.” Sam Dominguez

(Quote for layout) “I’m thankful I’m a yogi because the wisdom and teachings that come with the practice help me become a good mother.” Sam Dominguez

Sam shares that she and her daughter Breanna always have open and honest conversations with one another. As a Mom, Sam makes it a point to be conscious and attentive to her daughter’s feelings and to provide guidance whenever Breanna needs it. One of the lessons Sam has taught Breanna is how to keep growing while moving past disappointments.

“I told her, just like in a yoga class, there are cases when you don’t want to stay, but at some point you move and transition to something else. You’ll not stay in a twisted posture forever nor hold a plank for the rest of the class. You will eventually transition and the practice of Yoga invites us to remember that. As my Yoga teacher says, ‘whatever emerges will eventually dissolve’ so we stay and trust.” Sam Dominguez

Sam tells Breanna that much like yoga, life is a progression. We don’t always get things right the first time, and there are moments when we need extra help and a bit more patience to achieve our goals. In yoga, you might need to use a pillow to cushion your fall or a block to help with your balance. It might be frustrating not getting a pose correctly on your first or even your second attempt, but the important thing is being at peace with the process whether you succeed or not.

“You don’t have to chase happiness to be happy. We don’t always have to perform and collect achievements just because we are expected to.” Sam Dominguez


(Quote for layout) “This is family. We’re not broken. We’re a family.” Sam Dominguez
Another piece of wisdom that Sam shares with her daughter is that having a single parent does not make you any less of a family.

“I was very open to her. I told her why I made the decision of choosing to be a single parent for the two of us. She’s my daughter and I want the best for her.” Sam Dominguez

“I gave her the perspective of where we are, and there are pros and cons but as you see we’re okay, we’re far okay with where we are. We are happy. There’s nothing wrong with this. This is family. We’re not broken. We’re a family, you and me. We are considered as family.” Sam Dominguez


(Quote for layout) “I just listen to where my body and where life will take me with intention.” Sam Dominguez
For Sam, aspiring for fancy job titles and prestige is not what matters anymore. Now she believes that the best things in life are those that give you peace.

“Before kasi I was very particular. I want marketing lang. Ito lang, yoga life ito yan, may division. I realized it wasn’t healthy and realistic. Now, I think it’s important to learn how to weave them together. They’re all me. They’re all happening at the same time. To find that balance is to find that right mix. There’s no formula to it. I just go with the flow.” Sam Dominguez

I also asked Sam what her favorite yoga poses were and she answered that it was the resting poses – a meditative sitting position, and the Shavasana which is a resting position at the end of a yoga flow where you are lying down.

“It’s just a cross seated position, but for a Mom like me I’m able to be more accepting in days I’m not totally in control. More accepting and more open without having to do so much, without having to perform. That’s where I find my balance.” Sam Dominguez

“I’m practicing listening to what is exactly needed. Me sitting with life. We always have that freedom to choose what is really serving us, what we really need, not what other people need from us. To listen to what is really needed will help you find inner peace.” Sam Dominguez

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