A New Mom’s Checklist to Practical Baby Products

There are so many new information every new mom needs to learn and digest in a very short period of time–from keeping the baby safe and comfortable especially during the first three months of life, to learning how to feed the baby solid foods starting six months. Plus, cue all parenting advice from well-meaning friends and family, oh, it can get overwhelming! That’s why it’s so important for a new mom to take a deep breath and really think of which products to purchase that will actually make it easier for her to keep up with her growing baby. What are the qualities every new mom should look for? It should be practical, stylish, and easy to use! We list down four mom must-haves from Orijin below.

A New Mom’s Checklist to Practical Baby Products

(Insert tick box) Cocoon Z High Chair (Subtext)From lounger to high chair

From the moment your baby is born into this world, there will be a lot of carrying and swaying required. This means that your arms will be full and your core strength will be tested. While keeping your baby close to you is a magical feeling, having a safe and comfortable place where you can gently put your baby down, like the new Oribel Cocoon Z High Chair, is definitely a welcome help. From day one to toddler years, you can use this for your child’s peaceful naps to hassle-free meals.

Oribel Cocoon Z High Chair is the first ever high chair with proprietary 360 gliders so you can swiftly move it backward, forward or sideways from room to room. It also has three recline positions and 5 height adjustments, giving you enough choices on how you want to position your baby anywhere in the house.


(Tick Box) Tiny Twinkle Roundabout Bibs and Bandana Bibs (Subtext)From drools to mealtimes

You’ll find yourself changing your baby’s clothes more often than you expect. It can be because of drools or milk. So, instead of piling your laundry basket with used up baby clothes, try Tiny Twinkle Bibs to keep your baby clean and dry! Choose between Roundabout Bibs or Bandana Bibs which are made from Kaffle, a traditional argyle Korean weave. It’s silky-soft and breathable fabric is combined with a waterproof inner layer to provide lightweight comfort. All bibs have a no-snag hook and loop that won’t scratch your baby or get caught in the washer. Also, the tug-proof and side-shoulder closure keeps the bib on when you want it and makes removal extra easy and painless for babies. Tiny Twinkle Roundabout Bibs and Bandana Bibs are Certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX and is recommended for babies 3 months and up!


(Tick Box) Tiny Twinkle Feeding Essentials (Subtext)For traditional feeding or baby-led weaning

When your baby hits the 6th month mark, more often than not, it means that it’s time for solid foods. This also means that you’ll have to say hello to daily after-meal clean ups! Good thing Tiny Twinkle Feeding Essentials offer you a helping hand. They have easy-to-clean and fashionable mealtime bibs made from Repeltex Fabric and the brand also carries a line of silicone suction plates and bowls, training cups, and training utensils. If you prefer plastic, Tiny Twinkle also has BPA-free plastic suction plates, bowls, and stainless steel options.

Mealtimes are made easier with these products as it’s designed for little ones to grow into, whether it’s for traditional feeding or baby-led weaning. A win for both babies and moms!

(Tick Box) BapronBaby (Subtext)From mealtime to sensory play

Every baby is different. Some babies won’t mind you dressing them up, while some will just refuse to wear anything around their necks! If your baby turns out to be the latter, then BapronBaby Baprons is made for them. You see, it’s not your ordinary bib! It’s a bib-apron hybrid that is bigger than your usual mealtime bib, giving your little one full coverage. It’s buttery soft, lightweight, anti-microbial and most importantly, it doesn’t hang around little necks. It ties around the back, making it tug-proof and less constricting to move in. BapronBaby Baprons will keep your baby clean during mealtime, sensory play, and art activities.


Now that you have an idea which items will make it easier for you, mama, head on to Orijin’s website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts to learn more about their products and start online shopping!

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