What’s Up with Wash: An Essential Bath Time Guide from Newborn to 12-years-Old 

Oh, bath time—the time of day that your little one will either love or hate. But whether it’s the most anticipated activity or not, there’s no denying that it’s a need for babies, toddlers, and adults alike. How can you make the experience fun, safe, and relaxing on a regular basis? Here are some expert tips from True that can help you deal with bath time whether you’re a new parent or not.

What’s Up with Wash: An Essential Bath Time Guide from Newborn to 12-years-Old 

Bath Time for 0-1 year old
What you need to know: Newborns have very sensitive skin and because of this, it’s encouraged to bathe them 3-4 times a week only. Since they don’t have much activity aside from sleeping and milk feeding, wiping their face and body with a damp cloth is enough to keep them fresh and clean. Once your baby starts to eat solid foods at roughly six months old, you’ll find the need to bathe him/her daily (sometimes even 2x a day) to keep your baby clean and smelling fresh. Make sure to look for a gentle but effective body wash that will protect your baby’s skin from dryness and irritation.

How to make it fun: Make bath time interesting by singing songs to your baby. Since newborns have blurry eyesights during the first few months, singing a bath song will help communicate to them what’s going to happen next–water will be poured and a mild, fragrance-free wash will be used on their tiny bodies.

What product can you use: True Baby Natural & Clean Head-to-Toe Wash 

Your baby’s skin is subject to a lot of changes during the first year that’s why it’s important to use a product that’s mild. True Baby Natural & Clean Head-to-Toe Wash is made of certified natural and clean ingredients that are hypoallergenic to help transition your baby’s skin throughout the first year, preventing common issues such as redness, dryness, and rashes.


Bath time for 2-5 years old
What you need to know: A two- or three-year-old can get very dirty within a very short span of time. Whether it’s because of crawling in the garden, trying some finger painting, or simply running around under the heat of the Philippine sun, your toddler will make you run for the nearest shower with them in tow. Having to bathe more often now, you’ll want to use a cleanser that is not too harsh and can still make your toddler smell like a baby all day–we know you miss it!

How to make it fun: Change things up a bit every now and then. If you regularly bathe your toddler inside the bathroom, you can change it up with bathing him/her in the bathtub or maybe even in the garden with a hose. It’s not the ideal setting but your toddler will surely look forward to their bath time that’s masked as play time.

What product can you use: True Kinder Natural & Clean Conditioning Shampoo and Body Wash 

Dealing with active toddlers require a special cleanser to keep them fresh and clean. True Kinder Natural & Clean Conditioning Shampoo and Body Wash is made especially for this age range. Formulated with certified plant-based and 0% nasty ingredients to keep your preschooler’s skin soft and smelling like a baby, we say this product is a must-have!


Bath time for 6-12 years old
What you need to know: This is the age range when your kid hits puberty. This means hello unpleasant body odour and more active sweat glands! Aside from staying clean and smelling good, this is the time your child also starts being conscious of his/her looks.

How to make it fun: Buy your child new pyjamas, a soft bath towel, or a speaker that they can use to blast music in the shower while they’re taking a bath.

What product can you use: True Kids Natural & Clean Shampoo and Body Wash, Conditioner

Once you notice that the smell of your child has changed, you’ll naturally look for a more powerful cleanser that can address it. True Kids Natural & Clean Shampoo and Body Wash has the added benefit of natural antibacterial properties which helps address unpleasant body odour and the uncomfortable sticky feeling that comes with it. Partner it up with a hair conditioner to help tame their hair so they can look good, smell nice, and feel great!


Bath time for mom
What you need to know: You deserve the same care that you give your child. So, at the end of a long and tiring day, treat yourself to a warm and long bath. If you’re currently pregnant, be conscious of the products that you use on your body as to protect your baby from harmful chemicals, too.

How to make it fun: Light some scented candles, dim the light inside your bathroom if possible, and prepare a nice long warm bath. If you have a baby or a toddler, ask your partner to take care of them first so you can get an uninterrupted and much needed me-time.

What product can you use: True Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Feminine Wash, and Facial Wash

There are few available local brands that are natural and safe for pregnant and nursing moms. True products make it possible for you to live a healthier and a more natural lifestyle without breaking the bank. All products are locally made with the strictest standards, understanding every Filipino’s personal needs.


TRUE offers an honest to goodness natural and clean option of bath essentials for babies, toddlers, kids, moms, and moms-to-be, taking away at least one thing to worry about every bath time! Make the switch and take your pick from this wide range of products.
All True products are: Plant based Made with Ecocert ingredients Made with certified organic ingredients Produced in an FDA-licensed facility Tested for product stability Not tested on animals Safe for pregnant and nursing moms True products do not have: Petrochemicals Propylene Glycol Mineral Oil Silicones Sulfates EDTA PEGs TEA Synthetic Fragrances Artificial Colors Parabens Preservatives

For more information and to see their full range of products, visit the True website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

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