Here are 5 Non-Toy Ideas You Can Give Kids This Christmas

When you think of what present to give your kids, your godchildren, or any other child in your life, more often than not, a toy gift comes to mind. While toys are a treat for sure, know that you have other options, too. If you want to deviate from the usual toy gifts and would want to give a gift that can last in a child’s memory longer, here’s a list of alternative options that kids would surely appreciate.

Here are 5 Non-Toy Ideas You Can Give Kids This Christmas

Introduce a Hobby
Pique a child’s curiosity by giving him an art set, a crafting box, or any item that will introduce a new hobby. Kids are natural learners and giving them an activity to try out will surely put a smile on their faces!


Print Out Personalized Coupons
Making kids happy doesn’t take a lot of money, but it does take a lot of creativity. You can create personalized coupons that give a child permission to do or get what they prefer. For example, a coupon can say, “2 scoops of ice cream” or “go to the park”. Just make sure to honor the coupons whenever a child “claims” it.


Book a Zoo Ticket
Going to the zoo to see different animals is always a treat. Aside from its educational, the experience of spending time with you tops a child’s happy list.


Give the Gift of Options
Making kids choose the present they want is not just a blessing to them, but to you too! It takes away the thrill of not knowing what’s inside a wrapped gift but getting exactly what they want can compensate for that. You can opt to give a gift certificate from their favorite store so they can be the one to choose which item they want. This trains them to use their decision making skills, too!


Schedule a Nature Trip
Surprise your little one with a beach trip or a mountain hike if your kid loves adventures. Pack their bags in secret and use it as props for your grand trip reveal! Oh, what an exciting time!


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