Here’s a List of Modern Baby Names That Are So Meaningful in 2022!

Names are so symbolic. They can represent valuable memories, resonant emotions as well as your hopes and dreams. And what better way to symbolize a more uplifting year ahead than through your baby’s name? Given the past two years that we’ve had, it’s no wonder why playful, bright, spiritual, musical and even names derived from nature are what’s going to be trending in 2022. These names paint a picture of beauty and what you’d want life to be like for your kids in the years to come! We did some research, and listed a number of girl names, boy names, and unisex names that may sound sweet to you, too. Take your pick and tell us which ones you like best.

Here's a List of Modern Baby Names That Are So Meaningful in 2022!

Girl Names  Allegra (Ah-leg-ruh) 1: In Italian, this name means "joyous." 2: It is derived from the musical term allegro which means "quick and lively tempo."  Aria (Ahr-yuh) 1: An Italian name which means "air" or tune; usually refers to a solo sung in an opera.  Astrid (Ah-struhd) 1: A girl's name of Scandinavian origin which means "divinely beautiful."  Cadence (Kay-duhns) 1: A musical term which refers to a regular rhythm. 2: It can also refer to the dynamic volume of a person's voice.  Daphne (Daf-nee) 1: A name of Greek origin which means "laurel tree." 2: It also refers to a nymph from Greek mythology, and the lead character from the drama Bridgerton.  Elliana (Eh-leeyaw-nuh) 1: A Greek name which translates to "sun ray."  Eloise (Eh-lo-ees) 1: A French name which means "healthy."  Lois (Loh-wuhs) 1: A name of Greek origin which means "most desirable."  Nova (No-vuh) 1: A name with Latin origins, meaning "new." 2: It also refers to a star that releases a huge burst of energy and bright light.  Pixie (Pik-see) 1: A Swedish name meaning "fairy" or "sprite."  Shine (Sha-in) 1: A verb that means to emit rays of light or to be bright.  Trixie (Trik-see) 1: A name of Latin origin which means "she who brings happiness."



Boy Names  Atlas (At-luhs) 1: A name from Greek mythology which means "bearer of the heavens."  Benedict (Beh-nuh-dikt) 1: A boy's name of Latin origin which means "blessed."  Cosmo (Kawz-mo) 1: A Greek name meaning "order" and "beauty."  Declin (Dek-lin) 1: An Irish name which means "full of goodness."  Jericho (Je-ree-kow) 1: A Biblical city. 2: The name is of Arabic origin which translates to "city of the moon."  Koa (Ko-wuh) 1: A Hawaiian name which means "warrior." 2: This name also refers to a native tree used in building canoes and surfboards.  Palmer (Paw-mehr) 1: A name originating from English roots and translates to "one who holds a palm." 2: It also refers to a Holy Land Pilgrim.  Reeve (Reev) 1: A dignified English name which means "bailiff." 2: Refers to an English manor official during Medieval times.  Rome (Rowm) 1: A name of Latin origin which refers to the European city.  Simon (Sigh-muhn) 1: A Biblical name which means "obedient" or "to listen."  Theo (Thee-yo) 1: A greek name meaning "gift of God."



Unisex Names  Blithe (Blai-th) 1: A British name which means "carefree."  Jazz (Jahz) 1: A gender neutral name pertaining to a style of music. 2: Jazz is characterized by syncopated rhythms and improvisation.  Laurie (Law-ree) 1: An English name referring to the laurel tree or bay tree that symbolizes honor and victory.  Lou (Loo) 1: A French name which means "renowned warrior."  Ocean (Owe-shun) 1: A name dervied from nature, referring to a large body of water. 2: It can also represent stability and power.  River (Rih-vuhr) 1: A flowing body of water. 2: It comes from the Latin word "ripa" meaning riverbank.  Sasha (Sa-shuh) 1: A Russian name meaning "defender" or "helper of mankind."  Sloane (Slown) 1: An Irish name which means "man of arms" or "warrior." 2: This name also connotes elegance.  Sunny (Suh-nee) 1: A name that describes a happy and cheerful temperament.  Wren (Ren) 1: An English name that refers to a "small bird" or a "songbird."  Zephyr (Zeh-fuhr) 1: A name of Greek origins which means "west wind" 2: This name is also associated with "pleasantly gentle, breezy feel."



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