Distracted Baby: Here’s How to Keep Your Little One Focused While Breastfeeding

Scenario 1: Your baby latches on, hears the television, then suddenly pulls away while still latched on your nipple.
Scenario 2: Your baby latches on. A dog barks. Baby pulls off immediately. Milk let-down all over the place!

If you’re a mom of a 6 to 12-month-old baby that gets easily distracted, then you can surely relate to these scenarios! Aside from the fact that these scenarios can often be painful and frustrating especially if you’re nursing on-the-go, did you know that your baby getting distracted is actually a good sign that her brain is developing? Slowly, your baby is getting curious about what’s going on around her so every sound and every sight catches her attention. This makes it challenging for you though, mama. Here are a few tips on how you can deal with a distracted baby and how you can make sure that she still gets the daily nutrition she needs through good breastfeeding sessions.

Distracted Baby: Here's How to Keep Your Little One Focused While Breastfeeding

Go to a quiet and dark room
Your baby’s senses are rapidly developing and everything she hears, touches, sees, and smells intrigues her even while she’s nursing. Control the stimulants around by nursing inside a quiet, familiar, and dimmed room to help her focus on breastfeeding. If you’re on-the-go, try using a nursing cover to create your own quiet and personal space.

Soothe through movement
Babies get comforted when they are cradled back and forth. You can try feeding while inside the car or wear your baby in a carrier. The motion will help them calm down and relax so they can put their attention on feeding.

Turn off the television and set aside your phone
Since your baby is hyper curious about everything, set aside your phone and turn off the television while you’re breastfeeding. The light from these gadgets and the sound it makes can easily get the attention of your little one. Instead, make eye contact with your baby while you nurse to help her focus on you.

Talk softly or not at all
Your voice can also be a distraction. Have you noticed that your baby loves to eavesdrop on your conversations? Whether you’re talking to someone on the phone or in person, your baby stops sucking and starts listening to your voice instead. Resume any business you have after your feeding session or if it can’t wait, make sure to talk in a soft and soothing manner.

Change positions
Sometimes, your baby is fussy and distracted because of your feeding position. If you’re at home, try to breastfeed in a side-lying position so your baby feels more cuddled up and comfortable. If you’re outside and on-the-go, you can use a sling to feed your baby in a tight cradle position.

Smile and try again later
When all else fails, allow your baby to explore whatever it is she’s interested with first and delay your feeding session. Don’t be too hard on yourself, mama. Your baby will eventually request for a nursing session when she’s ready and tired. As long as your baby is making wet diapers and gaining weight, you’re sure that you’re doing a great job breastfeeding your baby.

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