You’ve Got to See This Amazing Underwater Maternity Photoshoot!

Have you ever seen a maternity photoshoot that is underwater? Props to Mommy Lorraine for being so adventurous and creative! This Mom has always loved swimming. In fact, she and her son share a passion for being underwater and it’s through swimming that they get to bond. This is certainly one of the most memorable photoshoots we have ever seen. Lorraine is so graceful as she swims and shows off her baby bump. She says that underwater photos give her a feeling of peace, and it reminds her of how blessed she is to have an answered prayer in the form of her baby girl. It’s so wonderful to see Moms expressing themselves and making remarkable memories with their family just like Lorraine. Feast your eyes on these beautiful photos by Lilypad Photography.

“My son has been swimming ever since he was a baby, and now that he’s five years old he can stay underwater for a long time. Even longer than me! I hope swimming will also be a way for our baby girl to bond with us when she comes out.” Mommy Lorraine

Photographer: Lilypad Photography

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