Feeling Down? Here Are Some Ways to Enrich Life at Home

If you’re feeling at a loss, stuck, or stressed, you’re not alone. Though we try to stay strong and positive, there are days when we can just allow ourselves to cry for a minute, feel the sadness, and let it pass. We see you, Moms and Dads!

Another year of life indoors seems quite daunting, and the question on everyone’s minds probably is: how do we break the monotony? We have some ideas and tips to help make staying home more enriching and happier for everyone in the family. Take a look at some of our suggestions here and tell us what your own recommendations are, too!

Have One-on-One Conversations with Your Child
Quality time can also take the form of heart-to-heart conversations with your child. If you have more than one kid, try to spend alone time with each one of them so you can talk without distractions. What can you talk about with your kids you might ask? Absolutely anything! It could be something as simple as their favorite shows or toys right now or you could go deeper into the profound topics like their feelings and how being stuck at home affects them. All of us are having a hard time in this situation, and that includes kids. Spare a couple of minutes to hear them out, and share your own feelings with them, too. It’s comforting to know that you understand one another.

Get Some Sun
It’s important to soak up some Vitamin D, so it wouldn’t hurt to step outdoors for fresh air and sunlight. Just don’t forget to wear your masks! Stretch those legs, and have a family walk to start your day on a lighter and brighter note. The kids will surely enjoy getting to run around in open spaces again even for just a few minutes in the morning. Then have a hearty breakfast together afterwards!

Practice Kind and Healthy Eating Habits
Healthy eating doesn’t mean restrictive diets. You can have your snacks and treats while still focusing on good habits. Try whipping up a new recipe with the whole family’s participation. You can do this on the weekends or for one meal daily, if possible. Have the kids choose some of the grocery items you’ll be purchasing online and teach them which ones are healthy staples in the kitchen. Allowing them to have an active part in meal planning can make them excited about trying new food including veggies.

Set Fun Bedtime Routines
Winding down in the evenings can also look like reading storybooks, singing nursery rhymes, or a nice warm bath. Do something that your kids would enjoy before tucking them in. If you can switch things up a bit, maybe some nights will be reserved for new books, while others are for playing some music.

Don’t forget about yourselves, Moms and Dads! What would a relaxing nighttime routine look like for you? It could be skincare, watching K-Drama, or indulging in some ice cream. Do something that helps you relieve stress and calms your mind, so you can sleep better.

Know That It’s Okay To Be Flexible With Your Schedule
Routines are good, but it’s okay to deviate from them a little. If you have time to go for a spontaneous walk with the kids or to bake some cookies in the afternoon, go for it. If you’re a working parent, maybe you can devote lunch time or your coffee break to having fun with your family. An eight-hour work day doesn’t have to restrain you while you’re at home. If it’s possible, you can allow the kids to have a later bedtime so you can enjoy a family movie night.

Have Someone You Can Share Your Feelings And Worries With
Moms and Dads, we know you’re also overwhelmed with emotions. Stress, worry, anxiety, you name it. It’s important for you to have reliable and supportive people you can talk to just to share what’s on your mind and what’s been keeping you up at night. It is very reassuring to know that we’re all going through the same ordeal . Sharing your thoughts and listening to others at the same time is important to keep yourselves mentally and emotionally healthy. Try to connect with your close friends and relatives regularly through video calls or personal visits to each other’s houses whenever it’s safe.

Create A Gratitude List
When we really reflect, we will realize that there is still so much to be grateful for – family, health, a new year, food on the table, a roof over our heads, and many more. Write down just one thing you are thankful for everyday, and encourage your family members to do the same. You can share your gratitude list with one another, too. This is a great way to uplift each other and remember that there’s always a silver lining.

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