“Mom, Dad, I Want a Pet!”: Here are 6 Good Starter Pet Ideas

Welcoming a pet into your family is not only fun and exciting, but it also teaches children about care and responsibility at a young age. Have you been considering adding an additional non-human member in your family but are unsure about the commitment to a dog or cat? Why not consider other types of pets? This is your sign. Here’s a guide to give you some insights on what starter pets could best suit your family!

"Mom, Dad, I Want a Pet!": Here are 6 Good Starter Pet Ideas

Known to be a domesticated type of fish, goldfish are very common in aquariums as they require low maintenance. They also vary in size, shape, and color which allows your child to pick what he/she wants.

Red eared slider turtle
Turtle care is not that complicated, in fact, they can live for many decades if well maintained. It is important to have an aquarium so that it could have enough room to move around and live in. You also need to consider the frequency of changing its water supply and space for a dry area in its aquarium.

If your kid wants a pet more on the fluffy, furry side, rabbits are perfect as they are sociable animals. A cage is needed for a rabbit but they must also be given time to roam around the house. It is important to give them snacks once in a while to avoid them chewing on furniture and other items in your place.

Guinea Pigs
Guinea pigs are a popular choice of pets for kids because of their size and manageable requirements. They enjoy being around humans and even interact with us. They can sit calmly in a child’s lap and would even show excitement when their owner is around.

These birds are rather low maintenance and could be extremely affectionate to their owners. They also have tons of personalities allowing them to bond with their owners. However, it is important to note that they could have temperament issues which leads them to bite sometimes. It’s also recommended to have 2 lovebirds kept together.

Teddy Bear Hamsters
Also known as Syrian hamsters, this breed of hamster is the most popular choice for children. It is important to note however that they are nocturnal and rarely active during daytime.It is important that they also have their own personal cage to stay in and live with their own kind as they could get violent towards other breeds of hamsters.


Here are some bonus guide questions to help you make your decision based on your living conditions:

Do you have adequate room (e.g., living space, yard space, etc.) for your chosen pet? Will you still have space for your pet once it grows? If you moved out of your current residence, would you still be able to bring your pet with you?

Care requirements and needs
Can your family share pet care tasks in a manageable way? Are you financially prepared to take good care of the pet?

Interaction and play time
Would your kids want to play with the pet and be able to touch or carry it? Or would they rather have something cool to look at and simply admire?

Child’s personality
Is your child careful enough to handle a fragile creature? Can they commit to fulfilling their responsibilities?

Losing interest
What will you do once your child loses interest? Will you take on his/her responsibility? Will you give them away to another loving home?


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