5 Real Breastfeeding Moments That Melt a Mama’s Heart

Most moms claim that breastfeeding is way more difficult than giving birth. The learning curve of finding the right latching position, the nipple sores, the breast engorgement, the pumping–all of these and more while running on little to no sleep. There are numerous articles written about the struggles of breastfeeding but very little about the magical moments that bring unparalleled joy and contentment. Since it’s the love month, why not talk about these moments that push a mother to power through intense pain and tiredness brought about by breastfeeding? Because at the end of the day, it really is all worth it! If you’re a breastfeeding mama, for sure you can relate. Tell us, which one of these moments instantly melts your heart?

5 Real Breastfeeding Moments That Melt a Mama's Heart

(Header) When your baby's small hands start to gently caress your skin
Apart from the physical tiredness a mom goes through, the mental and emotional exhaustion comes from the continues giving of oneself without getting anything in return. You won’t hear your baby say “thank you” and “please”. All you’ll hear are loud cries and screams. Then, just when you thought that you’re about to lose it, your baby gently caresses your skin or slowly pats your breast, as if acknowledging all your selfless efforts. It’s their little way of saying, “thank you, mama!”, which automatically fills up your love tank to the brim.


(Header) When your baby unlatches...then smiles
Whether the cause of unlatching is your baby getting distracted or he/she is just in a playful mood, the sly smile that spreads across your baby’s face automatically cancels out the fact that your breastmilk squirted all over the place due to the sudden unlatching. Instead of getting all worked up because of the mess, and not to mention the wasted liquid gold, you find yourself smiling as well. Suddenly, the mess doesn’t matter as long as your baby is happy.


(Header) When your baby reaches for your mouth
When your baby puts his/her hand inside your mouth while feeding, it’s his/her natural giving instinct kicking in. Your baby wants to reciprocate the nurturing you’re doing that’s why they reach out and try to do the same. What can be sweeter than this moment?


(Header) When your baby cries because he/she wants your milk
No one wishes for a baby to cry. But deep down a breastfeeding mom’s heart, every cry is a validation that her baby needs her. No one else can meet your baby’s needs except you and that’s a special bond nobody can ever take away.


(Header) When your baby falls asleep in your arms
A sleeping baby means a victorious mommy! As you watch your little one fall in deep sleep, a wave of thoughts and emotions suddenly wipe away every insecurity and doubt you have as a mother. You tell yourself, “I’m good enough. My baby trusts me. I can do this”. Then, you slowly close your eyes and whisper, “Thank you, God, for this precious life.”


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