Expectations vs Reality: Moms Share Their Most Relatable Parenting Confessions!

“When I become a Mom, I swear I would never…” Does this phrase sound familiar? Surely, you had your own set of expectations about what life as a Mom would be like, and what kind of Mom you will be. The “no-screen time Mom.” The “will always cook from scratch Mom.” The “I won’t be as strict as my own Mom type of Mom.” And so much more! But, as you know very well, Motherhood has many ups and downs. Eventually, you find yourselves doing the things you said you never would! It doesn’t make you a bad Mom at all. Just a real one!

You’re not alone in experiencing real-life Mom moments either! We asked a few Moms to share their expectations of what they thought being a parent would be like versus actual reality. We’re sure you’ll find them hilariously relatable. Check them out!

(Header) Before becoming a parent, what were your expectations of Motherhood?
You never really know what being a parent is like until you become one yourself. So, before the kids came along, it’s normal to have your own daydreams about Mom life. These Moms share their own expectations!

“Akala ko gagaling ako magluto and mag multitask kasi ganun yung mga nakikita kong Mommies sa IG. Haha!” Mommy Gabby

“When I wasn't pregnant yet, I thought that the life of being a mother would not be that different and somehow won't change my lifestyle. I believed that babies just eat and sleep most of the time.” Mommy Erika

“I expected my husband to help out with taking care of the baby 50/50, especially during the newborn stage, but sometimes he'd fall asleep even before the baby did!” Mommy Lena

"I thought my maternal instincts will eventually kick in, but I was wrong. I already knew it was hard but I didn't know it was this hard!” Mommy Keizelle



(Header) What are some things you swore you’d never do as a Mom, but find yourself doing so now that you are one? Life can’t be curated like an Instagram feed, after all. Expectations can be far different from reality! There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Moms. You’ll find that other Mommies like you share the same struggles!

“I thought I'd never have her watch Cocomelon, but now I've memorized which song goes next in the playlists.” Mommy Lena “I said I wouldn’t be the type of mom that tracks her every movement but I find myself logging every nap, diaper change, feed, pump output, etc.” Mommy Alyssa “I was very strict about screen time, plastic toys, and BLW. I swore never to leave Kenzo with a TV on but without a yaya, it's impossible to finish tasks! And, after all, toys are toys. Sometimes, Kenzo's more entertained by ordinary stuff at home like remote controls and water bottles.” Mommy Keizelle “I swore that I’d never spoil my kids, won’t give everything they want, and won’t let them use gadgets often. Unfortunately, I ended up doing those things so they can leave me alone. Lol!” Mommy Jerran

(Header) Despite the challenges, what do you love most about being a Mom? There will always be both good days and bad days. Yet the rewards of Motherhood and the love coming from your little ones make the rollercoaster ride worth it, right Moms?

“I love making my daughter smile. I love giving her what she needs. I love raising her with my husband.” Mommy Alyssa

“You'll hear me complain about how Kenzo refuses to be put down, the pile of chores waving at me, and the small business I'm managing on top of everything but I honestly wouldn't trade it for the world. Motherhood is amazing. I feel more empowered than ever. When Kenzo mumbles 'Mommy' the stress magically disappears.” Mommy Keizelle

“I like how I strive to be a better person because of and for my daughter. I am more patient, more disciplined, more resourceful than I ever was before.” Mommy Lena

“Being a mom is indeed one of the most challenging but most rewarding jobs in the world. Seeing my daughter do the things she does for the first time always makes me happy.” Mommy Erika

"My kids saying 'I love you, Mama' to me. It may be cliché but all the stress and hardship of being a parent goes away whenever I hear that phrase from them." Mommy Jerran

“I love how my baby makes his excited smile every time he sees me after a long day of teaching and how he kisses me randomly whenever we’re watching TV. Also, I get to squeeze him anytime I want.” Mommy Gabby



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