Moms, Here Are Fitness Classes You Can Join Online and In-Person!

We all know how important it is to keep both our minds and bodies healthy, and a way to do that is through a workout or fitness routine. If you can set aside an hour in your day, even for just once a week, dedicate it to a self-care moment through a fitness class! It’s no secret that a good amount of exercise can brighten our mood and keep us physically strong. You can also give yourself a quick respite from chores at home! We found a couple of fitness classes you might want to try out, Mom. Some of these classes are solely available online, for now, while a few of them are already open for face-to-face sessions. Take your pick!

Moms, Here Are Fitness Classes You Can Join Online and In-Person!

Online Classes

808 Studio
If you feel like it’s time to work up a sweat, try one of 808 Studio’s cardio dance classes. No need to be an experienced dancer to join, because all their sessions are beginner friendly! You can choose among their roster of classes from choreography to an all-out dance workout. They even have DJ’s who create exclusive mixes for the class! If you’re a Kpop fan, you can jump into their signature classes featuring the moves and music of your favorite artists like BTS and Jessi. Another fun fact is that 808 Studio has a version for your little ones called 808 Kids! So, there’s something for the whole family.

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Yoga with Maan
Yoga not only improves your body physically, but it can also do wonders for our mental and emotional well-being. Yoga with Maan’s community classes feature program-based sessions that tackle specific poses, postures, and movements. These target areas like the hips, core, legs, and the like. If you stay tuned to her Instagram page, you’ll also find announcements about free classes, every now and then, which Maan hosts in partnership with other wellness-focused businesses. Since this is a community class, you might even get to make a new friend or two!

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Bedroom Ballet
Any frustrated ballerinas out there? Or maybe you’ve been on a dance break for a long time and want to slowly get back into it? It’s never too late to learn! Bedroom Ballet offers beginner and intermediate classes for adults taught by a professional ballerina! And it’s all online! Hence, the name, Bedroom Ballet. Fancy footwork and arm movements you see on stage and TV aren’t as intimidating once you learn them step-by-step, and yes, it’s still possible to achieve those nice pliés even if you didn’t start dancing ballet as a kid. They also offer flexibility and conditioning classes which make use of techniques from ballet, yoga, and pilates to boost your strength. If you’re waiting for a sign to put on those dancing shoes, this is it!

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Pure Alignment
If you’ve been curious about guided meditation, check out Pure Alignment’s offerings. To take a break between active workouts, setting time for meditation helps you refocus your energy, manage stress, and overall, feel more uplifted and ready to tackle the days ahead. If you’re feeling burnt out from work, and Mom life, a guided meditation class may help you towards having a healthier mindset.

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Online and In-Person Classes

G-Force Dance Center
Ever wanted to learn from the celebrity choreographers themselves? G-Force Dance Center’s classes are open to dance enthusiasts of all levels. The good news is that they offer both live online and face-to-face classes. If you’re ready to dance in a studio, you can book a slot in either their Quezon City or Alabang branches. They also have pre-recorded instructional videos which you can purchase and access at your convenience! All you have to do is head on over to their website to choose your class.

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Saddle Row
Saddle Row offers indoor cycling and indoor rowing classes live in their studio, live online, or via on-demand videos. So, you can choose which is more convenient for you! They also have a variety of classes to choose from that will help meet your needs whether that’s cardio, building up stamina, or strength training. Don’t worry if you can’t keep up at first because the instructors will always be there to guide you and make your comfort and safety a priority! This is also a community class, so look forward to a fun workout experience alongside classmates.

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For a more personalized fitness program, consider ONELIFE Studio. They apply a combination of pilates, Physical Therapy, and Functional Training (a type of exercise that boosts your performance of daily activities). They even have a specifically tailored pre and post natal program for Moms! You can book in-person studio sessions or a virtual coaching program at home. They have one-on-one programs available, so your workout will be customized just for you!

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Which of these fitness classes will you be trying? What other ways do you keep yourself healthy and happy?

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