This Mom Does a Routine Photoshoot for Her Kids in Their Favorite Costumes!

Time passes by so quickly, and before you know it your little ones are all grown up! That’s why Mommy Iralyn is a firm believer in capturing memories, and preserving them through photos. This Mom runs her own photography studios and she happily shares her passion for creating photoshoot concepts and ideas with her own family as well as others! Her favorite models are none other than her adorable kids. Today, Mommy Iralyn shares some of her beloved photos of her daughter whom she fondly calls Baby Kungkung.

Mommy Iralyn brings her kids’ favorite movies and stories to life by coming up with fun and creative costumes and props. From Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and Snow White, this creative Mom surely doesn’t run out of ideas. Scroll through these photos and get to know more about why Mommy Iralyn loves putting together these fun photoshoots.

"I honestly lost count of how many photoshoots we've had because it is always a part of our routine that sometimes my kids get tired of it, but when they see their pictures, they are laughing and happy." Mommy Iralyn

"On special occasions, my goal is to do fairytale themes for the three of them. On Baby Kungkung's first birthday she was Little Red Riding Hood. Her sisters played the grandma and fox. On her second, she was Cinderella, and her sisters were the step sisters." Mommy Iralyn

"Though it is challenging for me to execute the making of their characters, I find it enjoyable to come up with the costumes, their make up, and the setup that we are going to do." Mommy Iralyn

"When they grow up, I want my children to  see that their childhood was awesome, and these happy moments will be their anchor. I know these pictures will be their treasures forever. I want them to remember that they have a Mom who exerted extra effort for them to be happy." Mommy Iralyn

Photographer, Venue: Click N Play Studio, Shoot Me Nice Studio

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