What to Look for When Buying Your Baby’s First Stroller

Now that it’s time to finally take the kids out to play and travel once again, one of the most important items you’ll be needing is a stroller. There are a few things that are good to keep in mind before you make a purchase. But don’t worry! That’s why we put together this simple guide to help you out. As you choose your baby’s first stroller, here are some of the qualities you’d want to look out for to make sure you’re getting everything from convenience to safety. Read on to know more!

It’s Safe and Comfy for Your Baby
Of course a Mom’s priority is always putting baby’s needs first. The safest and comfiest position for them to be in, if not in your arms, is flat on their back! You’ll want to look for a stroller that can be fully reclined so your baby can lay down, and the Bumprider Connect gives you that exact function.  Your baby is sure to be cozy and secure while you’re out and about. It even fits a carry cot insert, making it more suitable for infants!

No need to worry too much about the weather either, because this stroller is built with a large sun canopy. You can also get an additional rain cover and mosquito net!

It’s Easy to Bring Wherever You Go
The last thing you want is to haul heavy gear along with all of your baby’s diapers, bottles, and extra clothes. An ideal companion would be something light, compact, and makes it convenient for you to be on-the-go. It’s a good thing Bumprider thought of this, too! The Bumprider Connect is so easy to take with you whether on a casual stroll to the mall or onboard a plane.

This stroller can be unfolded in one single motion. You simply unhook a latch, and open it up. You can even do it with one hand! Folding it is just as quick. Pull back the hood, pull the lever and the stroller swiftly folds back down. It’s so compact you can probably fit four of these in the trunk of your car! It also fits inside overhead cabins, so you wouldn’t have to worry about checking-in your stroller during a flight. Plus, the Bumprider Connect is designed in such a way that you can steer it with one hand. You can watch the Bumprider demo to see for yourself!

It’s Compatible with Practical Storage Accessories
I’m sure Moms would agree that extra storage space is always handy. With all your baby’s items plus your own belongings, just imagine how heavy your bags are going to be. So, consider a stroller that can carry both your baby’s essentials and yours! Luckily, the Bumprider Connect is made compatible with storage accessories you can use day-to-day such as a side pocket and side bag.

The best part? They are attached by magnet on both sides of the stroller! The side pocket and the side bag can click into place in a matter of seconds. You’ll be all set and ready to go shopping!

It Can Be Used By Your Baby for a Long Time
A good investment gives the most value out of your hard-earned money. It would be great if your first stroller can last you for more than a year. If you consider a stroller like the Bumprider Connect, you can enjoy all the convenience it offers up until your little one is four years old! From birth to the toddler stage, the Bumprider Connect is suitable and reliable!

It’s Convenient to Use as Your Family Grows
In time, you might plan on growing your family, and you’d want to be prepared for that moment. The right tools will help make everyday life a bit easier to manage as you welcome baby number two, three, and so on! The Bumprider Connect features game-changing design that allows two (or more) Bumprider Connect strollers to be linked to one another using a magnetic system. Remember when we said this is a lightweight stroller? You can push and pull interconnected Bumprider Connect strollers all at once! Going out with all the kiddos can then be a smoother experience.

Designed and developed in Sweden, the Bumprider Connect is created with the highest quality, intended to bring ease to your day-to-day life as parents! It really does have it all — safe, convenient, long-lasting, and reliable. With the Bumprider Connect, it will be a lot more fun planning your next trip or family day out, right Mom and Dad?

You can find the Bumprider Connect and all its accessories on Edamama,  Lazada, and BeautyMnl.

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