YouTube Channels for Kids If You’re Tired of Cocomelon

We asked on our Instagram Stories: “What YouTube Channels do you subscribe to for kids’ shows?” And Moms answered! We searched YouTube for these shows that Moms recommended, and rounded them up right here. All these shows are meant to teach kids important values, basic skills, and knowledge that will aid them as they grow up. These channels also feature engaging stories, and the catchiest songs you won’t be able to resist singing along with. So, take a look at these cool YouTube channels you can subscribe to as recommended by your fellow Moms!

YouTube Channels for Kids If You're Tired of Cocomelon

Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood
In this musical series, you’ll get to follow pre-schooler tiger, Daniel, and his daily adventures around his friendly neighborhood. The adorable gang includes Daniel’s Mom and Dad, his baby sister, and classmates! Produced by Fred Roger’s Productions, Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood was created with the purpose of teaching social and emotional development among young kids. Ten-minute episodes are compiled together with a common theme like dealing with separation anxiety when Mom and Dad are out of the house or finding good in bad situations. Daniel learns a new value in every episode, and even encourages kiddie viewers to exercise their imagination!

Songs for Littles
Developed by music educators and teachers, Songs for Littles aims to help babies and toddlers learn sounds, words, and baby sign language. Each episode is filled with music, singing, and interactive learning led by a teacher named Ms. Rachel. Every video also gives Mom and Dad the chance to repeat the words and sign language with their baby. As you watch, do make sure to sing-a-long and repeat the gestures with your little one!

Listener Kids
If your baby or toddler loves music, here’s a channel full of sing-a-longs and happy tunes! You’ll notice some familiar melodies like If You’re Happy and You Know It remixed with lyrics that place importance on values like love and faith. Some of the videos are also based on Biblical stories, so this is a fun way to introduce spirituality to your young kids.

Super Simple Play – Caitie’s Classroom
Another great way for kids to learn is through play, and that’s what Caitie’s Classroom is all about. In a couple of episodes, Caitie goes on various field trips to make new discoveries and learn skills like making pizza! You’ll also find a series of educational sing-a-longs where Caitie teaches the alphabet, colors of the rainbow, numbers, and so much more with her guitar and catchy melodies.

Puddy Rock
Puddy Rock is a music channel created by musicians, and parents themselves, Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona-Bacarro. Here, you and your kids get to watch and follow along with animal friends jamming to nursery rhymes and original compositions. You’ll also find videos with fun songs in Tagalog! Now, here’s a fun way to encourage your kids to learn and love our language.

What other YouTube channels would you recommend for kids and families? Share them in the comments!

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