This APAS Mom’s Fear of Miscarriage Didn’t Stop Her From Getting Pregnant

(Layout) “It made us nervous, and we felt like every time we met with my doctors, we received warnings of this happening. But we learned to not let it get to us, and just trusted the process. We kept in mind that what is meant for us will happen.” Mommy Daniela.

Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome or APAS is a rare condition that affects one to five percent of the general population. However, for Daniela Gamboa-Medalla, APAS became almost automatic during her pregnancy because of her existing autoimmune condition. Though the possibility of a miscarriage and experiencing complications were enough to make them worry, Daniela and her husband, Anton, chose to strengthen their resolve and trust in what is meant to happen in the process of their pregnancy journey.


Daniela Was Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Condition in 2018
Having an autoimmune condition led Daniela to a lot of lifestyle changes, especially when it comes to the food she ate. She chose a more holistic approach to treating the disease wherein food functions as medicine. Her diet continued throughout her pregnancy with the addition of protein, complex carbs, and vegetables.

In her first trimester, Daniela also experienced severe fatigue, eczema, and mouth sores which made it difficult for her to eat. On top of all her symptoms, Daniela and her husband had to face double the regular expenses of pregnancy due to the medications, check-ups, all the bloodwork they needed, and the probability of a longer hospital stay.

(Layout) “I was scared in the first trimester because doctors would warn a lot about complications given my condition, the possibility of delivering early and NICU for the baby. It helped a lot that we were informed, but it was worrisome.” Mommy Daniela

Daniela at six months pregnant experienced bruising on her stomach because of the APAS injections.

Daniela and Her Husband Expected the High Risk of Having APAS
Right when she got pregnant, her OB immediately advised her to take a screening test for the condition. As they expected, results did show that Daniela was borderline for having APAS.

Daniela consulted with different specialists for her care plan in managing APAS during her pregnancy. Along with her OB, she had her rheumatologist for her autoimmune treatment, her functional doctor who guides her diet, and her endocrinologist for treating her hypothyroid. Her medications included thyroid medicine, prenatal vitamins, steroids to manage her autoimmune condition, supplements, and daily aspirin and heparine injections to avoid blood clots.

Daniela collected all the syringes for her injections the moment she started medication.

At 37 Weeks, Daniela and Anton Welcomed Their Healthy Baby Girl Nayah
Daniela’s doctor suggested inducing her at 37 weeks, so they can already take care of the baby outside of the womb instead of waiting for complications to happen while she was still pregnant. During the morning when Daniela was already five centimeters dilated, the baby’s heart rate went down which made her OB call for a Cesarian instead of a normal birth like they initially planned. “We had to stay in the recovery room after delivery for an extra 24 hours because my blood pressure was high. Luckily it stabilized within the 24 hours, and I was able to go to my private room to see my husband,” shares Daniela.

(LAYOUT) “Nayah was great and didn’t have to be brought to the NICU. She was on the small side at around 4.6lbs, but generally healthy.” Mommy Daniela

Daniela and Anton’s families were a huge help during the pregnancy. They offered assistance whenever they could, and made their love and presence felt all the way. And now, Daniela and Anton finally get to relish life as new parents to their adorable baby girl. “She loves noise and being in a room with a lot of people, so she sleeps when we take her out with us. She seems to be seeing well now since she always looks like she’s observing,” says Daniela.

As a new momma, Daniela knows that no one ever comes fully prepared at tackling parenthood, but simply seeing Nayah grow up happily and healthily is enough to reassure her. Beyond living with health conditions, Daniela focuses on enjoying being  a Mom and fulfilling all their dreams as a family. There’s still more to life than just dealing with physical ailments, after all, and Daniela chooses to look forward to opening up a wealth of opportunities for Nayah, and even giving her siblings in the future!

(LAYOUT) “I want to show Nayah everything the world has to offer and make her feel secure in the home and family she has so she can share that with others.” Mommy Daniela

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  1. Your story is so inspiring. May I know which hospital and your OB for the whole pregnancy. Also, if can share how much it cost for the whole treatment of APAS for the whole duration of pregnancy until your CS? Appreciate your help as I am planning yo do the same treatment, just have a miscarriage less than a month and planning for a work-up and series of test for the preparation for another pregnancy. Appreciate your help and kind response.

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