5 Ways Your Work From Home Setup is Triggering Your Headaches

You’ve listed down all your to-do’s for the week and have mustered up all the energy and motivation that’s needed to finish every task, then suddenly a very painful headache pins you down in bed the whole day, throwing your to-do list out the window! You start wondering why it keeps happening to you more often now than before. Today, we’ll name one possible culprit for your splitting headaches–your work from home setup.

While working from home definitely has its perks especially for parents like us, it can also have a disadvantage when it comes to our health and well-being. Here are five things we usually overlook on a day-to-day basis and what we can do to adjust it.

5 Ways Your Work From Home Setup is Triggering Your Headaches

You haven't ordered a work chair yet

The circumstances for the past few years have forced us to work from home. While we all thought that it was going to be a temporary setup and working from the sofa or bed will soon be over, we thought wrong. It’s comfortable, yes, but is it healthy? Wrong posture is a common cause of headaches. So, if you’re planning to work from home permanently, now is the time to buy that ergonomic office chair you’ve been eyeing for.

Your screen time is waaaay up

You don’t realize it but you’re mostly on the screen the whole day. If you’re not in front of your laptop working, you can be scrolling through your phone or streaming your favorite K-drama. Since working from home allows you to switch from one screen to another in a snap, you often forget to rest your eyes, causing headaches. Divert your screen time by doing non-screen time activities like reading, going for a walk, or having coffee with friends. A change in environment will help you get your eyes off the screen.

You're worrying about lunch while writing an email

Focus shifting can definitely cause headaches. As parents, we are guilty of thinking about 5 things at the same time–“What’s for lunch?”, “Is my baby okay?”, “Will I be able to meet my deadline?”, “Did I reply to my boss?”, “Oh, I need to iron my husband’s shirt!” We know you can relate to all of these thoughts happening in the same second! How do you unload all your mental baggage? Write it down by task so you can schedule a time to do it within the day. Try your best to focus on one thing at a time to increase your productivity and minimize your chances of a headache.

You're working round the clock

After you tuck your kids for the night, you find yourself sitting in front of your computer and going back to work. Because, why not? More things finished today means less things to do tomorrow, right? Eeengk, wrong. No matter how much work you’ll finish today, you’ll be surprised that there will still be a lot to work on the next day. How do you manage your time? Instead of working round the clock, do other things that make you happy and you’ll find yourself being more productive–schedule a workout, play with your kids, get a massage, or have a date with your husband. This will relax you and prevent you from having splitting headaches.

You go from bed to laptop--and stay there for 8 hours straight

Without the worry of getting stuck in traffic and the convenience of jumping right to work in our pajamas, we forget to take breaks and take our time. Not taking breaks can induce a headache because of the pressure it builds up in our brains. Take the time to take a bath before working, making a yummy breakfast, and standing every now and then in between work tasks. Stretch your muscles and look out the window. Try not to miss the simple but beautiful moments in a day just because you’re slumped in front of your computer for eight hours straight.

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