How to Ease Back to Work After Your Maternity Leave

It’s been months since your whole life changed, Mama! Now, there’s a cute little human that demands your full attention and care 24/7. Everything now is different and that includes your priorities, your reasons for staying up all night, and your ability to focus. With your Maternity Leave about to end, you wonder to yourself how in the world will you juggle your day job and your new mama life? Your mind says you need to work but your heart says to spend as much time with your baby. How will you manage? Here are five tips to keep the balance.

How to Ease Back to Work After Your Maternity Leave

Take your time to familiarize yourself with your new setup. Figure out what your new productive hours are and devise a plan on how you can manage it in between feeding your baby and changing the diapers. Expect that on your first week back at work, you’ll feel torn on what to do first and that’s okay! If before getting pregnant you could churn out 10 outputs a day, now you can barely get one out, it’s okay! Start slow and work your way down your to-do list one by one. You’ll be surprised that you’ll finish everything eventually. Also, consider looking for help in taking care of your baby while you work. This will help you focus and set aside ample time to get things done.

In between caring for your baby and juggling work deadlines, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Write everything down and rank it according to priority. This way, you’ll organize your thoughts and will be able to cross out tasks one by one without the stress of forgetting something important.

If you’re working from home, you have the chance to check up on your baby in between your work tasks. Sneak in some random hugs and kisses when you’re feeling overwhelmed with work or when you simply miss being beside your baby. Make snuggle time your motivation to finish your tasks well and fast.

Setting expectations is key to a smooth transition back to work. Update your workmates on your changes in schedule and talk to them about how you plan to manage your time and energy now that you’re busy with being a mom, too. By keeping them in the loop, they’ll know how to support you and make things manageable for you especially during the first few weeks after your Maternity Leave.

You’re going through so many changes, Mama! Be kind to yourself if you can’t figure things out immediately and if you find yourself very emotional in the process. Take time to heal and acknowledge all your efforts in juggling every single task that needs your attention. Slowly figure out the different shapes of tasks you’re given now and where it fits in your everyday life. Be patient with yourself. You’ve got this!


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