How to Encourage Your Kids to Try New Things While on School Break!

When the kids are on break, what are some ways to keep them busy and entertained (aside from tailing you all day)? Try introducing new hobbies and activities! It could be a skill they have yet to learn or an interest they can build on. Our kids need a slight nudge in the right direction so they can dip their toes into something new. With your help, they can gain the courage they need to try out something unfamiliar! How exactly? Here are some tips that you’ll find useful!

Kids get more excited about new things when you show them that you’re excited about them, too. If you’d like to encourage your child to read more books, create an opportunity to show them that you’re a reader yourself. If you’ve always been interested in baking, get your kids involved in the kitchen along with you. Making new discoveries with Mom and Dad makes for a more comfortable environment. You can learn, make mistakes, and succeed together!

Expand on Interests They Already Have
Observe and see if your child is already showing some signs of interest in different activities. For example, when they always insist on taking photos for you on your smartphone or if they constantly copy dance moves and even recreate scenes of the latest animated movie. They might just need a light push to keep on exploring this hobby. Purchase their first disposable film camera or find a dance workshop they can join for starters. Another way is through talking to them and asking questions about the kind of activities they have fun doing, and why they love doing them. Engaging in conversations about their interests can also get the wheels turning in their heads.

Expose Them to a Variety of Materials
Have your kids become familiar with different kinds of tools and materials. Let’s say a sketchbook, watercolor paint, or arts and crafts materials for scrapbooking, among others. You can start with items you like working with yourself or you can learn something new together. Surround your child with a variety of materials, and spend some time learning how to use them together. You can switch up the activity everyday or every week until they can choose something that they really engage with.

Introduce Them to an Expert
You can also spark their interest by introducing a new role model — an athlete, a singer, a chef, a photographer, a ballerina, and the like. Maybe there’s a professional you admire whom you can also introduce to your child through videos and articles. If you have a friend, who is an expert in a field that will likely excite your child, try getting them to meet and talk to each other. Along with Mom and Dad, it’s great to have another person to look up to. Their stories and achievements can serve as motivation for your kids!

Set Small Goals
It’s also important to remember that kids don’t need to feel pressured about being good at something. The purpose of trying new things is to have fun while learning. It doesn’t matter if they don’t master the new skill, what’s more valuable is the act of trying. You can set small goals to keep your child motivated and excited about making progress. If it’s their first time baking, start with simple recipes you can follow from a box. Then, work your way towards that tiered cake or a beautiful pie crust. While your kids are in the process of learning, remind them that it’s okay to try, learn, fail, and try again.

Allow Independence
Eventually, they’re going to have to spread their own wings. After guiding and teaching them, let your kids do their own thing. Allow them to make progress on their own, without Mom and Dad watching. Who knows? You might just be amazed by the results! They may even become more encouraged to come up with new things they want to try out. Just be there to offer your support and encouragement when they need it.

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