5 Tips You Can Try If Your Baby Hates the Car Seat

Does your baby wail at the sight of a car seat? Do they absolutely hate being strapped down and away from your arms? Many parents can relate with this scenario. Car seat training your baby can be quite a bumpy ride. It might even make you doubt if the trip to Lolo and Lola’s house is worth the tantrums. But car rides are inevitable, and car seats are necessary for safety (Also, car seats are required by law). So, what can you do to minimize the stress and tears (both yours and your baby’s)? Here are some tips and tricks you can try out!

5 Tips You Can Try If Your Baby Hates the Car Seat

Find the Culprit of Their Discomfort

Do some investigating. Is the car seat installed properly? Check your manual again and again to make sure your car seat is correctly secured in place. Is the sun light glaring on their face? Place a sun shade on the windows, so your baby won’t be bothered. Are they feeling cold? Put a blanket over them instead of having them wear bulky jackets. Thick layers of clothing might make it difficult to buckle them in the car seat. Overall, making sure that baby is comfy is one step closer to a peaceful car ride.

Have a Sing-A-Long

Ah, the healing power of music. Crank up your baby’s favorite song to brighten up their mood. Even if this means having “Let It Go” or “Surface Pressure” on loop, at least you’ll have a happy baby during the car ride. Hum along to keep your baby entertained! If you and your little one share a favorite song, have that ready on your playlist. It would be great if all of you enjoy the music you’re listening to!

Surround Them With Distractions

Bring along a few toys for the ride, but do make sure these are soft toys that are safe to have inside a moving vehicle. A good car rule to remember: Will it hurt if I get hit with it? If the answer is yes, keep it out of the car. Stick to plushies and stuffed toys. If it’s possible, have someone seated beside your baby to play with them and keep them distracted; it could be your yaya, an older sibling, or you if you’re not the one driving.

Empathize With Big Feelings

Young kids don’t know the importance of car seats yet. They also don’t know how to manage strong emotions like adults do. So, some validation and understanding from you would help them a lot. You can try saying: “I know it’s hard. I know you hate this car seat, but it won’t take long anymore. Mommy will come get you soon.” Or “I know you’re upset with me right now, but this car seat keeps you safe.”

Stick It Out and Drive On

This, too, shall pass. Car seat tantrums are not forever. In time, your little one will get used to it. For now, just stay strong! Sometimes, the only way out of a difficult situation is to go through it. Try to stay calm as much as  possible, because your baby can pick up on your emotions. Negative feelings might trigger them to cry even more. So, keep yourself resilient!

Do you have other tricks for car seat training your baby or toddler? Share them with your fellow Moms in the comments!

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