Here’s How These Super Dads Spend Quality Time With Their Kids

Today is Father’s Day and we want to celebrate just how awesome all dads are! He’s the family’s own personal handyman, comedian, role model, protector, and so much more. Spending time with him is definitely like no other. So, to represent the kind of love that dads offer in this world, we’ve rounded up some of the most precious real-life, bonding moments between celebrity Dads and their kids. Enjoy!

Here's How These Super Dads Spend Quality Time With Their Kids

Drew Arellano
Waking up in the morning, no matter how early, is such a sweet moment for Drew and his kiddos: Primo, Leon, and Alana. Even though he’s squished between three kids, and probably didn’t get enough sleep, this Dad surely wouldn’t have life any other way. He and wife Iya Villania also welcomed their fourth baby recently, Baby Astro! We can’t wait to see more fun moments from their family of six!


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Slater Young
The DIY pro himself, Slater Young builds a seat upon his son, Scottie’s, request! How cute is this? Slater even shows the entire process from start to finish. And just how sweet is Scottie’s “Thanks, Dada” at the end? Just goes to show Dads will do anything to make their kids happy.

Nico Bolzico
Who loves reading #ElPadre’s posts as much as we do? Always giving us a good laugh, Nico Bolzico wins as Dad to #TiliBolz. One of our favorite posts is of Nico and Tili pretending to be in a restaurant. Tili is the chef while Nico is the customer who offers a very detailed review in his caption! When Tili grows up we hope she’ll have a great time looking back at her Dad’s hilarious posts.


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Erwan Heussaff
Isn’t it just so adorable when kids take after their parents? At a young age, Dahlia is already becoming an expert in the kitchen just like her Dad, Erwan. This video of the two of them making homemade pancakes is oh-so endearing! Dahlia could probably host her own cooking show now.


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Jim Bacarro
What could be better than seeing your kids enjoy something you love? It’s a dream come true for Daddy Jim Bacarro to be playing music with his sons Vito and Pancho. Just look at this video of them playing a cover of a song from one of Jim’s favorite bands.


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Billy Crawford
Here’s another talented, musical Father-Son duo: Billy Crawford and Amari! Watch Billy drop a beat and Amari somehow being able to sing-along with his cute baby babble. Being a singer and dancer could probably be in Amari’s future, too!

Happy Father’s Day from your friends at Baby and Breakfast!

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