Dress Your Kids in These Breathable and Locally-Designed Everyday Outfits!

One of the joys of having kids is dressing them up in really cute outfits! You’ll see so many options just by scrolling through your feed but it gets pretty challenging to find ones that can tick off all these must-haves: cute styles, weather-appropriate, locally-made, and affordable. If these are your considerations before adding to cart, too, then look no further because we found a collection that you should definitely check out.

bean, a brand that is dedicated to develop and handpick quality products for your family, collaborated with Alessa Lanot, a Filipina watercolor artist, to produce everyday outfits with your little one’s comfort and style in mind. What can you expect as you scroll through this collection? Dainty designs that will put you in an add-to-cart spree!

Dress Your Kids in These Breathable and Locally-Designed Everyday Outfits!

It’s locally designed
Alessa Lanot, the artist behind Life After Breakfast, developed six patterns for this collection. Her delicate watercolored illustrations was transformed by bean into cute rompers, swaddles, dresses, and onesies that will surely add cuteness to your already adorable kids! Which one is your favorite?

It’s weather-appropriate
In a country with hot and humid weather everyday, the choice of fabric is a big deal. That’s why for this collection, each product is lovingly made with Cotton Spandex (90% Cotton, 10% Polyester), a soft and breathable fabric that does not cling to your little one’s body too much. They can play and learn freely without getting fussy because of the heat and they’ll look cute while doing so! Keep in mind that the outfits you choose to dress your kids in will affect their overall mood and disposition.

It’s affordable
When you hear custom designed and artisan-made, you get the impression that it will cost you a fortune. Not this collection! bean is making quality everyday outfits, that are beautifully designed, accessible and affordable. Prices start at only Php 379!

It’s educational
The designs developed for #alessalanotxbean collection are fun fruits and vegetables that you can find in your market basket. Not only will your kids love wearing comfy pieces from this collection, they’ll also be intrigued about the fruits and vegetables printed on them. We all love an educational moment, right?

It’s cute!
By now, you’ve seen all of the fabric designs made for this collection. With styles available from 0-8 years old, are you ready to add to cart, yet?

For more details about this collection, visit bean and start shopping! Stay updated with their new releases by following them on Instagram and Facebook.


Photography: Christine Kiac Photography


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