Relatable Parenting Pains You Can Laugh (Or Cry) About

When you can’t put away the clean laundry in peace, when a moment of silence really means trouble, or when your toddler won’t let you shower for five minutes, do you ever find yourself thinking: Why did I sign-up for this again? ‘This’ meaning Parenthood. It’s true. There are times when your own kids just ruin your day. And that’s okay to admit! Moms on TikTok are even shining a light on daily struggles every parent deals with. But to ease the pain, they do it with a whole lot of humor. Check out some of the most relatable, and hilarious, videos we found!

When you realize Motherhood means no breaks and no rest
Motherhood really is a 24/7 job. An actual human solely depends on you for survival, and there’s no escaping it anymore.

@oliviamatteson #momlife #easton ♬ original sound – 🌸Donna🌸

When they do that one thing you can’t stand
You find yourself facing your biggest pet peeves, and you can’t stop it. Unfortunately, no means yes to the little ones. Why is it so hard for kids to keep their shoes on anyway?

@kateryna.sich Tell me it’s not only my kids 🧦🀣 #elfitup#momhumor#momlife#momoftiktok#toddlermom ♬ original sound – Alex and Jon

When sleeping past 7AM becomes a myth
Sleeping in? What’s that? You know you’re a parent when you’ve been sleep deprived for two years and counting.

@joshandshenaebeech Was it a dream?! This 3 1/2 years has been one long ass day! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΄πŸ˜­ #momlife #momsoftiktok #momhumor #momtok #momjokes #momcomedy #momtruths #motherhood #momlifebelike #momsover30 #MoveWithTommy #parentsoftiktok #parenthood #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – Friends TV-Show – best bits!

When you have to be the entertainment
Would you rather play firefighters with your kids all day or watch five hours worth of Cocomelon? Choose wisely.

@joshandshenaebeech That ⏰ must be broken! #motherhoodbelike #momlife #momlifebelike #momhumor #momhumour #momcomedy #momtok #momsoftiktok #momtruths #motherhood #ilovemykidsbut #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – Dardarbinks2.0

When they cry over things you can never understand
You’re doing your best to empathize and process their big feelings, but sometimes, the tantrums just don’t make sense. Logic apparently doesn’t work on three-year olds.

@annatwinsiesPart 2 anyone? πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…β™¬ The Way I Are Showmusik Dance Mix – Showmusik Sounds

When a clean and tidy house is but a dream
You’ve successfully put away the toys? Kids take that as a sign to throw them all out and make another mess of what Mom just tidied up.

@cailinaomi The cycle continues #momlife #momhumor #millenialmom #FrunktheBeat @cailinaomi ♬ the joke is on you. icarly – Kate

When that bubbling sound you wake up to isn’t actually your coffee brewing
Nothing says good morning better than a diaper blowout! Why couldn’t it have been freshly brewed coffee instead?

@thevondyfam And she had the proudest smile on her face πŸ’™ πŸ˜… #motherhood #momcomedy #momhumor ♬ Good Morning – Gene Kelly & Debbie Reynolds & Donald O’Connor

When peace and quiet are non-existent
How much would you pay right now just so your kids would leave you alone for a couple of hours? Peace and quiet are the hardest gifts to ask for every Mother’s Day, am I right?

@cailinaomi The classic mom eyes with butthole lips 😜 #imgonnalooseit #momhumor #momsoftiktok #UnsealTheMeal @cailinaomi ♬ original sound – Nick Martin

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