Try These Sensory Activities You Can Do With Your Toddler!

If you’re a mom of a toddler and you’re running out of ideas on how to keep your little one engaged and pre-occupied, you are not alone! We know how challenging it is to think of creative ways to introduce new learnings to kids, but fret not, we have four easy and budget-friendly activities lined up for you today, Mama! Read on.

Throw a Popsicle Party

Introduce the concept of cold to your toddler by throwing a fun and delicious popsicle party! What’s good about this learning activity is it doubles as snack time, too. So, choose your toddler’s favorite fruit, blend it, and pop it in the freezer. After a few hours, you can serve the yummy treats and allow your child to explore how cold feels like. Brrrr!

Play with Edible Sand

If your toddler has not yet stepped foot on a beach, you can at least introduce the concept of sand during play time. One clever idea is to create edible sand using crushed cereal. This way, you won’t worry if your toddler puts it inside his mouth!

Button It!

Challenge your toddler’s hand and eye coordination with this activity! Cut out an old polo and attach it to a board. Then, demonstrate to your toddler how to work the buttons in and out of the hole. If this is something your toddler will be interested in, it’ll buy you some time to finish your coffee, mama!

Claw the Rubber Band

Bring out your secret rubber band stash and prepare two big containers where your toddler can transfer the rubber bands to. If you want it to be more challenging, place the two containers far apart so this activity can be more like a relay. The goal: transfer all the rubber bands into one container! You can also stretch the bands, squish it, and point out the colors if you want this activity to be more educational. Enjoy!

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