6 Positive Things You Can Say to Your Kids Every Morning!

Moms know that mornings can sometimes equal to madness and mayhem. You are sleep deprived, your kids don’t want to get out of bed, your baby wants to nurse, and you need to cook breakfast on top of that! How does a Mom deal with it all without pulling her hair out? Is there any way to turn the day around? Yes, we think so! It’s as simple as kickstarting your morning with a few words of affirmation and by connecting with your kids. Though it might not make the rest of the day’s challenges magically disappear, this sure can help give you a brighter and calmer mindset right before you begin to tackle your to-do list.

Try out these morning conversation starters and motivating words with your kids!

"Good morning! What are you excited about today?"
A warm and happy greeting is so nice to hear as soon as you wake up. After they stretch and wipe the sleep from their eyes, you can take some time to ask what their first thoughts are. Maybe they’re looking forward to the breakfast you’ll be cooking or their next activity in school. Jumpstart the day by sparking that excited mood!

"You make Mom and Dad so happy. I love you!"
We can never say ‘I love you’ enough! Apart from showing your kids how much you love them through your actions, words also have power of their own. That’s why it’s great to for kids to hear those very words coming from you. It starts the day off in a heartwarming way.

"I'm so grateful for you! Anything you're thankful for today?"
When we foster an attitude of gratitude we get to appreciate all the blessings we are given, big and small. No matter what you’ll face throughout the day, when you start with the words ‘Thank You,’ you’re instantly reminded of the good things in life. You can teach your kids this kind of mindset, too!

"We have fun things planned for the day!"
You can also be specific about what your agenda is for the day. When the kids know what your plans are, they feel more included and enthusiastic! You can talk about what kind of activities you’ll be doing, and allow them to ask questions if they have any.

"Did you sleep well? I checked in on you last night to make sure you were sleeping soundly."
A little reassurance of your presence means a lot to your kids. Knowing that they have you looking out for them day and night makes them feel your love. They’re also assured everyday of Mom and Dad’s care and protection!

"Is there something you want to practice or prepare for?"
Especially with older school-age kids, it’s a good idea to offer your assistance. Maybe they have a presentation they feel nervous about. You can help them practice right before school starts. This is also a good opportunity to know if there’s something on their minds, and offer your help if they need it.

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