6 Helpful Ways You Can Show Support to New Parents!

Being a new parent is hard! It throws you off your daily routine and scraps out the productivity habits you’ve painstakingly built throughout the years. If you’re a parent yourself, you know how it feels to be both so in love with your baby and be so overwhelmed at the same time. Today, we’re throwing in some ideas on how you can positively and productively help out a new set of parents so they can get through the first few months easier. Tip: Don’t accept no for an answer!

Send food more than flowers

While there’s nothing wrong with sending flowers, focusing your efforts on addressing a need can make a big difference. Cook lunch or dinner for the couple or order food for them. With all their time and attention on their baby, providing them good and healthy food will help them take care of themselves.

Offer to run errands

Whether it’s a quick grocery run or the faucet at home needs to be fixed, volunteer your time and effort to help get things done. Ask all the right questions and be specific so that you’re sure to get the task covered without adding stress on the couple.

Don't hold back on encouraging words

There are so many things running in the heads of new parents: “Am I doing this right? Is what I’m doing enough? Will my baby be okay?” You can appease all their worries by reassuring them that they are doing a good job. If you see that they’re managing their time well, let them know. If you feel that they’re practicing so much patience and grace in taking care of their baby, affirm them. The right words can definitely build up confidence!

Help with the clean up

Make yourself useful when you visit the home of new parents. Volunteer to wash the dishes, clear the table, or fold the laundry. They won’t tell you directly but these are the tasks that they wish went away in a snap! With extra time and energy in your hands, help them keep their home nice and clean.

Listen, listen, listen!

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to not say anything and just lend a listening ear. Be that friend who can share with their burden. Listen to what they have to say–from feelings of triumph to managing frustrations–and validate them.

Check up with them regularly

Try your best to keep an open line of communication with the new parents. Whether it’s random text messages every week or scheduled visits, making the couple know that they can message you anytime for anything is a big relief. Check up how they are feeling and be a friend. You’ll be amazed at how your presence in their lives can make all the difference.

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