Tips and Packing Lists: Moms Talk About Their Babies’ First Out of Town Trips!

When you’re a new parent, one of the things you’ll surely look forward to is your first trip with your baby. But on top of that excitement, you’re also busy thinking about what you need to bring! Sunblock, diapers, extra clothes, their own pair of cute sunglasses, and the list goes on and on. Traveling sure is different with a little one in tow!  So, we asked a few Moms to tell us about their experiences traveling out of town with their babies for the very first time! They share their essential packing list and some of the learnings they’ve realized firsthand. Check it out!

After being cooped up at home for so long, Mommy Pia took her baby, Olivia, on a trip to Batangas for their first getaway as a family. Olivia was only eight months old at that time, and the change in environment was quite overwhelming at the start.

“It was Olivia’s first encounter with sand! She cried at the beginning but eventually got the hang of playing with it. She enjoyed dipping her toes in the water and playing with her cousins,” shares Mommy Pia.

Since it was a whole new experience for Olivia, Mommy Pia was worried about a lot of things so she did her research about how to handle naps, how long babies could play under the sun, and even what sunblock to use.

One thing she would add to her packing list next time is a portable bath basin. “I thought it would be easy to wing bath time, but I was wrong,” shares Mommy Pia.

Preparing for a trip with a little one really is tedious. There are so many things to consider to make traveling safe and comfy for your baby, but above all, just seeing the smile and enjoyment on Olivia’s face makes Mommy Pia say, “Worth it!”

Mommy Pia’s Travel Tip:
Prepare everything the night before so you don’t forget anything. Let your pedia know that you’re going on a trip so he/she can give you some advice.


(Header layout) "I was worried about the plane ride, because no one wants to listen to a crying baby." Mommy Mary

A baby’s first plane ride to an island like Boracay was definitely an exciting moment, but also quite nerve-wracking for Mommy Mary. She anticipated scenarios where then 3-month old Luca might become uncomfortable.

“I researched some tips beforehand on how to prevent their ears from popping, which is usually why they cry,” Mommy Mary shares. “The tips were to give them a bottle during takeoff and landings, and putting some baby headphones on them, which both worked great! If you’re breastfeeding, you can also breastfeed during takeoff as well.”

Mommy Mary's Packing List Must-Haves: Portable changing pad for on-the-go diaper changes Extra bibs Extra bottles of sunscreen

Some of the things Mommy Mary wishes she brought more of would be cloths and bibs. “I only brought two bibs being the ‘minimalist’ Mom that I am, ha! That didn’t go well!” she admits. Babies tend to spit up a lot and it can be quite a hassle to keep changing clothes while you’re in-transit.

On the other hand, she would also take away a couple of items. “All of the extra things I thought I needed, such as sunglasses, floaties, and hats, he actually didn’t even end up using. I didn’t even bring a lot of toys. Luca had fun just playing with random things,” says Mommy Mary.

Mommy Mary’s Travel Tip:
I would just say, don’t overthink. I think all your baby wants is to have fun with you, so don’t worry about packing loads of stuff.


(Header layout) "I was most concerned about her meals and if we'd miss her milk intake." Mommy Lena

When baby Amelia was seven months old, she went on an overnight trip with her parents in Subic. It was a first for Amelia to be surrounded by other babies close to her age as well as experience having sand between her toes, and wading in the water.

To prepare, Mommy Lena had a checklist of essentials like diapers, wipes, a waterproof mat, and some teething toys. They also had distilled water, and Amelia’s formula within reach for feeding time during the car ride.

Mommy Lena's Packing List Must-Haves: Medicine Kit: Paracetamol Antihistamine Cooling Patch Thermometer High Chair or Booster Seat

What Mommy Lena was most worried about was meal time, so she did her best to have it covered by packing complete sets of silicone bowls and spoons. She also tried to make sure that bath time would be easy by bringing a whole bottle of shampoo, and even a bathtub. But this Mom realized those were a little too much for a one-night trip. “We were overprepared. I brought too much bath gear. Turns out all that we needed was a little soap and our trusty tabo. I also overpacked on feeding tools. She can still eat using our own plates and utensils,” she shares.

Mommy Lena’s Travel Tip:
Bring just enough of the most essential items, depending on the length of your stay. And know that no matter how much you prepare, you may still forget something, and it’s ok.

(Header layout) "I didn't know if I could pull everything off since it was my first time traveling with two kids." Mommy Charina

As a travel agent, Mommy Charina is a pro when it comes to going on trips locally and abroad. But her first time flying to Boracay with her sons, who were ages 3 and 1 at that time, was a different kind of challenge. To get to the island they would have to travel by air, land, and sea. So she wasn’t sure if her boys, especially her youngest, would be calm enough throughout the whole journey. To lessen the discomfort, she made sure to pack a lot of gear.

“I’m the type of Mom who always packs extra. I had a hard time bringing our stuff because I brought a lot of their clothes, lampin, milk and diapers,” she recalls.

Mommy Charina's Packing List Must-Haves: Milk Water Biscuits Sterilizer Extra Clothes and Wipes

This Mom triple checked all their belongings so she wouldn’t forget anything, especially extra wipes and clothes, so the boys will be neat and clean as much as possible. Despite having to carry so much luggage, Mommy Charina was happy to see Cale and Kiev enjoying their vacation from riding the plane to playing in the sand.

Mommy Charina’s Travel Tip:
Plan your baby’s OOTD for the trip so you will know that the clothes you’ll bring are enough. Bring extra clothes to be sure.


How about you? What items will be on your packing list? Share them with your fellow Moms in the comments!

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