6 Tips to Make Breastfeeding Less Painful in the First Three Months

Breastfeeding is definitely a beautiful experience, but it can also be a painful one especially for first-time moms. There’s the nipple tugging, the accidental biting, and the blisters! The good news is that there are ways to make the experience more comfortable for you, mama. Try these six tips to make your first three months of breastfeeding less painful.

6 Tips to Make Breastfeeding Less Painful in the First Three Months

Use a nipple shield

In the first few days after you give birth, your breastfeeding journey will be a trial and error process. It’s finding the right position that works for you and your baby. It’s also about giving your baby the time to ace a good latch. While this is all taking place, yup, it’s going to be very painful. A wrong latch can feel like your nipple is caught in between two doors. Consider using a nipple shield at the beginning to make the pain bearable for you. If you have an inverted nipple, this will also help your baby latch better. Ask your lactation consultant about this.


Apply lanolin cream

Lanolin is the holy grail of breastfeeding. It soothes and protects your sore nipples and it makes healing of wounds faster. With this on hand, you’ll be feeding your baby again in no time. Always have this on hand wherever you go!


Buy a breastfeeding pillow

The success of breastfeeding relies greatly on your position. If you’re positioning your baby awkwardly against your breasts, most likely, you’ll get a wrong and painful latch. Use a breastfeeding pillow to help you manoeuvre your baby’s delicate body and to secure a good latch.

Prepare a hot compress

One of the common causes of breastfeeding pain is breast engorgement. This happens when your milk supply has not regulated yet or if you’ve missed a feeding session. Apply hot compress on your breasts before and after a feeding session to help soothe your pain and to help you have a good let-down.


Invest in a breast pump

There are times when your baby would miss a feeding session and your breasts will be too engorged and the only way to relieve the pain is by pumping. You’ll never know when this will happen so it’s good to invest in a good breast pump just in case. Aside from relieving physical pain, having a breast pump will also allow you to take breastfeeding breaks for mental and emotional health. Prepare baby bottles so your husband or your baby sitter can take care of your baby while you’re out.


Wear a comfortable nursing bra

Wearing the wrong bra while nursing can cause irritation and added stress. Get the ones that have a good fabric and makes feeding easier and more accessible for your baby. A good nursing bra will also give you the right support now that your breasts are heavier and bigger.

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