What to Love About Mommy-hood!

As a Mom, you’ve been braving the exhaustion, the messy rooms, the constantly having someone cling to you 24/7, and so much more.  On the other hand, there are the warm hugs and kisses, the smile on your little one’s face whenever you’re around, and just the fact that there’s a tiny human who loves you unconditionally. No matter what challenges you go through, you wouldn’t doubt that you have the most fulfilling role in the world. So, let’s take a moment to celebrate the joy of being a Mom. We asked a couple of Moms what they love most about Motherhood, and here’s what they have to say!

What to Love About Mommy-hood!

Why I Love Being a Mom

"Always the cuddles, the out of the blue cuddles, I'm-scared-of-people cuddles, and when she unconsciously wants to cuddle while sleeping. It’s very, very heartwarming to feel that I’m her safe space." Mommy Camille

"There are two little souls intertwined with mine forever. I love it when they trust me with unfamiliar things they come across. The look on their faces as they seek for my approval and wait for me to say 'it’s okay' I will cherish forever." Mommy Chanel

"Seeing them grow every single day. I anticipate every new skill unlocked, and every new joke they come up with. I love discovering books they love, but mostly I love that they share those interests with me." Mommy Lora

"I get to discover her fullest potential and support her in pursuing it. Dreams that will soon turn into reality. It is pure bliss to participate and witness how life happens for her. A human being growing beautifully in this world. And, the best part about it is she’s not just any other human being, she is my daughter."  Mommy Sam

"For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a Mom! I love that I finally get to live my dream and experience first-hand a little more of the heart of God for us, His children." Mommy Talitha

My Favorite Things About My Child

"I love that even if she’s still little, she’s open to try lots of new things! Even if she’s crying, just as long I tell her what it’s for or why do we need to do it." Mommy Camille

"I really admire Cassie’s selflessness and compassion. She would offer her last cookie to anyone who would want it. Joaquin is such a sweet kid. He randomly hugs us throughout the day and he makes sure to say good night before he sleeps." Mommy Chanel

"It is most heart warming to see Alon, my eldest, share the love he receives with his baby bro. He tries to include him in his everyday activities. He has been the most patient and understanding kuya." Mommy Lora

"A favorite quality of my daughter is how much she loves to love and she doesn’t hesitate to express it. Her love and passion towards standing for what she holds true. An integral value in these modern times." Mommy Sam

"He’s super silly and outgoing! I love how his favorite things to do are play drums, draw, and sing. And his brown hair and toes are the cutest!" Mommy Talitha

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