Local TV Shows Thirty-Something Parents Loved as Kids!

It was the time before Cocomelon and Paw Patrol, before online streaming was even a thing. We would sit in front of the television at a fixed hour in the morning, afternoon, and evening, excitedly anticipating our favorite shows. These were the programs where we learned about history, folk tales, the english language, and so much more. Most of all, these were the shows that brought us a lot of happiness, and just remembering the titles already makes us laugh out loud. So, let’s take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, moms and dads, by reminiscing some of our beloved local kids’ shows! We also found a couple of episode links, so you can share these with your kids!

Do you remember Anatom, Agatom, Palikpik, and Ugat Puno? Sineskwela is probably the reason why we enjoyed learning about Science as kids. Whether it’s the solar system, the environment, or marine life, Sineskwela found a way to make intimidating topics engaging and easy for us to understand.

Epol Apple
Learning english with Kuya Luis, Mary Grace, and Raprap was once part of our daily routine! Epol Apple showed us what nouns are, how to introduce ourselves, talk about family members, and all the basic English expressions we use everyday.

The fantasy series we watched every Sunday evening! Wansapanataym was all about teaching us good moral values in the form of magic, and storytelling. Who remembers this episode with Gladys Reyes? I’m sure we all learned how important it is to finish the food on our plates after watching Madyik Pinggan!

If you’re like me, Math wasn’t your favorite subject in school. But thanks to MathTinik, there was an enjoyable way to learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The songs and fun visuals made Math a little less scary!

Hiraya Manawari
Did you know that Hiraya Manawari means “May your dreams come true”? We loved this show for its adaptations of stories about mythical creatures, warriors, and princesses. And they all taught us important values centered on courage, respect, family, and so much more.

Learning about history and our heroes beyond our text books was what Bayani brought to us. The series follows the adventures of two elementary-school kids who travel back in time to witness history with their own two eyes and retrieve important artifacts!

An educational show, known as our local counterpart of “Sesame Street”. Along with Kuya Bodjie, we got to hear and watch amazing children’s stories come to life. We found this episode where Kuya Bodjie tells a fun tale about the buho, a small kind of bamboo. Take a look!

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