Alternative Questions to “How Was Your Day”

After another eight hours of work, and a whole day of school, spending time with the family is a highly anticipated part of your daily life! These pockets of bonding moments give you chances to learn about your kid’s day, how they’re feeling, and to simply get to know them — their likes and dislikes — some more. So, how do you make the most out of those parent and child conversations? Here’s a simple tactic, Moms and Dads: Try asking questions that are specific. This way the kids will be encouraged to share detailed answers whether it’s about themselves or something they enjoyed doing for the day! Here are a couple of questions you can test out. See how these can make a difference in your daily conversations with your kids!

Questions About School
To know more about what kind of day they had at school, try asking about particular subjects or activities they had.

What new topic did you learn today?
What activity did you enjoy the most?
Was there anything difficult to learn today? What was it and how can I help?
What subject were you most excited about?
What’s something you want to learn more about?

Questions About Friends
Show your interest in their lives by asking about their friends and playmates. Getting to know about their friends helps you get to know your kids better, too!

What games did you play with your friends today?
Did your friends do anything cool or funny today? Tell me about it!
What’s your favorite thing about (name a specific friend)?
Did you eat yummy snacks with your friends today? What snacks did you share?

Questions About Their Interests
It’s always great to learn about things that they enjoy! See what things you have in common with your kids.

What song do you love listening to right now?
Is there a book you like reading lately? What’s the title?
What colors do you find pretty?
Who is your favorite movie character?
What’s your favorite meal to eat for dinner?

Questions About Their Feelings
Sometimes big feelings are hard to talk about, so give them a nudge in the right direction and let them know that you’re the safest person to share their emotions with.

What are the things that make you scared?
What makes you laugh and smile the most?
What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
What makes you feel sad?

Questions for Fun
Conversations with the kids are also meant to be fun. Have a good laugh with these topics:

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be and why?
If you could make the rules at home, what kind of rules would you want to have?
If you had P1,000,000.00, how would you spend it?
What’s the first thing you’d do when you become a grown-up?

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