Man’s New Best Friend: Meet 9-Year Old Ino and His Pet Chicken!

It’s common for kids to ask their parents for pets like puppies and kittens, but today we’re telling you one inspiring story of a nine-year old boy and his family’s unique house pet, a chicken. I was able to talk to Mommy Maricris and her son, Ino, over a video call, and yes, I even got to meet their pet chicken, MakMak! I found out that they would often bring MakMak along on their family trips and staycations. Of course we wanted to know more about what it’s really like having a chicken as a pet. So, here goes! Keep reading to discover Ino and MakMak’s amazing bond!

About a year ago, Ino’s Dad, Patrick, was riding his bike along Tagaytay when he spotted a vendor selling chicks. Daddy Patrick then brought home a blue chick and a green chick for Ino. Sadly, the blue chick didn’t survive for long. The green chick, however, suddenly grew up before their eyes. Ino named him MakMak.

MakMak turned one last June, and he’s been best friends with Ino from the moment they met.

Mommy Maricris tells us that they bring MakMak with them on almost every vacation. They would frequent their Tagaytay home during the weekends with MakMak in tow.

“Ino and I used to go horseback riding together, MakMak would come with us. The other kids enjoy playing with MakMak, because it’s the first time a chicken won’t run away when they play with him. Ino is able to find playmates because they find MakMak fun, too,” says Mommy Maricris

They even took MakMak along on a trip to a resort in Lobo, Batangas. Ino recalls MakMak riding on a raft and almost jumping into the water!

“We’re part of a foundation. Lobo is the site where we do mangrove planting. We’re there twice or thrice a year. There’s this resort also. Ino has friends there already, and they also know MakMak. They allow MakMak to be with us when we go to that resort in Lobo,” shares Mommy Maricris.

You might be wondering: Won’t a chicken cause a ruckus at a resort, and in a home? What’s fascinating about MakMak is that he grew up much like any indoor house pet. During our video call, I was even able to witness how tame and gentle MakMak really is.

Mommy Maricris tells us that there was no particular training regimen or tactic to domesticate MakMak. All it took was Ino’s care!

“It’s our first time to take care of a chicken. Ino would sleep beside him and really take care of him,” says Mommy Maricris. “Hindi takot sa tao si MakMak. He grew up with us since we got him when he was a super small chick.”

Since they don’t have helpers at home, Ino had to be extra responsible when it came to looking after MakMak and making sure he’s clean and fed everyday. When MakMak was smaller, he used to sleep in the family bedroom. Now that he’s much bigger, MakMak sleeps outside and serves as their home’s very own live alarm clock!

“This is my routine with MakMak. At 6AM, I go to his cage and feed him and then I put him out so he can walk,” says Ino. “Then, when I’m going to school, I put him back in the cage with more food. When I come back, I let him walk again and give more food.”

Mommy Maricris adds, “We need to make sure his cage is washed at least two times a day everyday. MakMak used to sleep in our room, so Ino would vacuum the room because I don’t want to see a white feather flying around.”

I asked Mommy Maricris what she thinks is the best thing about Ino and MakMak’s friendship, and she tells me that it’s truly their unique bond. “We didn’t expect MakMak and Ino to have a connection. I think MakMak is not a regular chicken. When we take photos of MakMak, he has his own personality. He also teaches Ino to be more responsible,” she says.

“Ino is the only child we have. MakMak keeps him company. At the same time, he uses MakMak to socialize with other kids, too. When Ino Googled what is the lifespan of MakMak, what did Google say?” Mommy Maricris asks Ino.

“10 years,” he responds.

“At least Ino knows, he’ll have 10 years with MakMak,” says Mommy Maricris.

Ino and MakMak still have more days to fill with fun memories. Mommy Maricris hopes that Ino will continue to grow up having that kind and caring attitude

“I hope Ino will continue to create special bonds with his pets. It helps cope with stress. It’s good to take care of and have unconditional love with a pet. It teaches them to be responsible and caring,” Mommy Maricris muses.

Learning how a kid like Ino is able to find joy and a one-of-a-kind friendship with MakMak reminds me that every kind of bond is precious! It’s simply amazing to see someone as young as nine years old show so much love for his pet.

Ino’s next big dream to fulfill with MakMak is… a trip to Singapore!

We don’t really know if it’s possible to have a chicken as an airplane passenger, but we do wish that Ino and MakMak will get to have many more adventures together!

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