Things You Can Do as a Couple Before Your Baby Arrives

Your lives are about to change in a couple of weeks. There will be a cute and tiny human being who will require your full attention, your full love, and your full patience. This also means that it will be you and your husband’s last few weeks together as a duo. When your baby arrives, you will already be a party of 3. While this change can be so exciting, it’s also important that you nourish your marriage and make the most out of the moment before all of the diaper changing at midnight happens. Make sure to do all these things before you pop!

Things You Can Do as a Couple Before Your Baby Arrives

Plan a Baby Moon

A babymoon is a relaxing getaway trip that couples take before they give birth. It’s like the “final hurrah” before everything changes. If you’re a beach person, book a flight to your favorite beach or if you prefer the mountains, look for a serene resort where you can inhale fresh air and destress. Do take note though to let your doctor know that you’re going on a trip so he or she can give you emergency medication just in case something happens.

Take Lots of Naps

Once your baby is born, you might need to count the years before you can get a full and restful sleep. So, while you still can, cuddle each other on the couch or on your bed and make the most out of the gift of good and glorious sleep!

Go on a Fancy Date

Dress up, put on makeup, and have a good time! Dating each other in a fancy restaurant goes straight to your core memory. This will also help you feel good and confident about yourself. With all the body changes you’re going through, mama, a nice treat can make you feel special and beautiful.

Binge Watch a Series

Spending time as a couple and doing as many activities together before your baby arrives can help you and your husband power through the challenges of taking care of a newborn. If your love tank is full, you become a better person–even through sleepless nights. While you can, plop in front of your television and watch your favorite movie or series together while holding each other’s hand.

Attend a Birthing Class

Giving birth is not just about you, mama. Your husband plays a big role in supporting you every step of the way. So, in order to help you and your husband align your thoughts and feeling, attending a birthing class is beneficial. You’ll learn the needs of each other and minimize the panic when your baby arrives.

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