Moms Share Tips and Experiences Traveling Abroad as the World is Opening Up Again

The world is gradually opening up and we can finally travel out of the country again! I’m sure you can’t wait to book tickets and see the world outside of your homes. Maybe you’ve already been on a trip just recently, too. Still, traveling is quite different now. We need to remember that COVID-19 is around although we are on the gradual road to recovery. I’m sure that even though you’re thrilled to go on an international vacation, there’s also some anxiety over your family’s health and safety. So, to help you navigate international travel during these times, we asked two Moms to share their firsthand experiences along with some tips that may be useful for you, too. Keep reading.

Mommy Camille Last July, Mommy Camille and her husband took their baby, then 8-month old Stella, on her first international trip to Singapore. As it was a first for their family, Mommy Camille understandably had her worries about preparing for the trip and how it will go. How much frozen breastmilk did they need to pack, and what baby items will come in handy? They may have forgotten their stroller at home, too, nevertheless the rewards of seeing Stella experience the sights of a new country, and getting to visit friends and family made the whole trip worth it!

We got travel meds from our pedia, a long list of 10 to 15 kinds of medicine, which helps alleviate some concern if in case any emergency happens,” Mommy Camille shares. “Other than that, we just made sure we were boosted and followed basic safety protocols. We also made sure not to visit too congested areas with our baby.”

As for requirements, they just needed to provide proof that they were vaccinated against COVID-19. Having concerns is only natural, but Mommy Camille chose to focus on creating joyful memories with her family. It was such a wonderful moment being able to visit her brother whom she hasn’t seen in three years and having him meet Stella for the first time. Seeing Singapore’s flower garden was quite a highlight for them, too!

For Mommy Camille, some good tips to remember about traveling abroad would be to choose a country where traveling with a child is convenient. “In our case, Singapore is very safe and convenient. The roads are good, and there are lots of options for transportation,” she shares. “The best advice we got is that when on vacation, throw your rigid schedules for your child out the window — nap times, feeding times. Go with the flow.”

Pull-Quote "Once you're there, relax and enjoy the experience. Try not to obsess over uncontrollable things. You've made the effort to go somewhere new, so make the most of it." Mommy Camille

Mommy Claudette After being cooped up at home for so long, it was finally time for Mommy Claudette and her family to go on their first ever trip to the United States of America. For over a month, they traveled across four different cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Chicago. Her kids, 14-year old Seth, 9-year old Sam, and 5-year old Santi all had the best time, especially when they visited Disneyland! It was even her youngest child’s first time to ride a plane.

We were very excited to explore and travel again, but we were also very anxious. We had itineraries, but with kids, it’s hard to follow a strict schedule,” says Mommy Claudette.

To prepare for the trip, they complied with requirements such as: DOH vaccination certificate with QR code as proof of complete vaccination (fully vaccinated with two doses); Negative rapid antigen test taken one day before departure with certificate — a requirement during the time they traveled (May to June); Travel insurance; and the Attestation Form of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On the way home to the Philippines, they had a duly accomplished One Health Pass (OHP).

In the US, it’s more relaxed when it comes to wearing masks, but we still avoided crowded places. We also observed minimum health protocols,” she says. “This trip was all about reunions! Our kids were happy to see their cousins. We loved the food, the weather, shopping, indoor amusement rides, libraries, and the parks everywhere. We made a side trip to Wisconsin where we visited Noah’s Ark, America’s largest water park.

Mommy Claudette also recognizes that traveling while COVID is still a reality is not as easy as it was pre-pandemic. But the most helpful things to do would be observing minimum health and safety protocols and getting vaccinated. It’s also important to regularly check requirements and travel restrictions of your destination, because guidelines continuously change. For example: you may or may not be required to undergo an RT-PCR or antigen test.

Pull-Quote "Bring travel essentials like extra masks, tissue, alcohol, and extra clothes especially for the kids. Also, we stayed home for so long. It's time to relax and enjoy while still being careful." Mommy Claudette

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