How Much Do Baby Vaccines Cost in the Philippines

When my husband and I decided that we wanted to get pregnant, we immediately started computing how much budget we’ll be needing. From my pre-natal vitamins to the actual hospital bills and doctor’s professional fees, we had everything listed down in an Excel File. Factor in the extra fees brought about by the pandemic, we were ready–or so we thought! What we forgot to take into account was the budget needed for our baby’s monthly vaccines! It was quite a shock to find out how much it would actually cost per month. If you’re about to give birth and you want to make sure you have everything covered budget-wise, here’s a list of vaccination expenses based on our experience.

How Much Do Baby Vaccines Cost in the Philippines?

Now, I need to note that baby vaccines vary greatly depending on your chosen Pediatrician, on the type of clinic or hospital you’ll choose to visit, and the brand of vaccines. For us, we decided to look for a Pediatrician that holds a private clinic near our home. When we compared her vaccine rates to the big hospitals, the costs were significantly lower.

Here’s a list of vaccines that were administered to our baby from birth until 19 months old:

It will be helpful if you do your research before you give birth. Remember, your baby’s immunization is very important to keep healthy and safe!

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  1. Hello! May I ask from what city/province you are? I was wondering by how much vaccine costs vary when you/re in the Metro vs if you’re in the province. Thank you so much!

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