Voluntary Mask Wearing: Parents, How Do You Feel About This?

The President recently signed an executive order which states that we’re no longer required to wear face masks here in the Philippines, both indoors and outdoors. Spaces like hospitals and public transportation are exceptions, face masks are still required here. Otherwise, you have the option to go mask-free when you’re visiting the mall, park, or a restaurant with your family. Since many other countries have eased their face mask policies, and now that we have vaccines, is it just about time for the Philippines to follow suit? On the other hand, despite the progress the world has made in the past two years, we know that COVID-19 is still very much present. So, we asked you, Moms and Dads, for how you feel about voluntary mask wearing. We welcome the insights and opinions of every parent! These answers may offer us all a new perspective. Read on.

Some feel it's safer to keep wearing masks  

“I’d still want to wear mask indoors and the kids too.”


“During the flu pandemic, people wore masks as well, albeit different from the ones we wear now. Husband and I are still iffy about taking them off, so we let our kids wear them still just to be on the safe side. As we always say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. We might dodge whatever virus is present in the next few months or so but who knows? We might have just been asymptomatic and caused someone else to get sick. Nope, not taking that risk. We do, however, have become more lenient among close friends and family.”


“I will still have my kid wear his masks when traveling outdoors especially in crowded places, and in indoor establishments. But here in Cavite where there are only a few people in the neighborhood we don’t ask him to wear masks when walking outside.”


“Our thinking has always been better safe than sorry. Since the kids got used to wearing masks naman na and have no other co-morbidities (or conditions that hinder their breathing when wearing masks), we will continue to wear and make them wear their masks especially in indoor, crowded locations such as malls and restaurants. Although all of us except our youngest have been fully vaccinated + boosters, mahirap pa rin for me to let our guards down.”


“My daughter is less than one year old so she’s never had to wear a mask. As a Mom I’m happy that she’ll be growing up in a “normal” environment with physical classes and maskless playdates. But at the same time I’m more cautious when I’m out of the house and have to be selective with who we (as a family) hang out with.”


“It’s about time to embrace the changes that this pandemic brought us. But, I think, it is still safe not to let our guards down when it comes to our children and loved ones well-being. So, yes, mask up in crowded indoor and outdoor places for my family.”


Some feel that it's about time to take the face masks off

“With or without masks, we still get sick (common cold, flu even covid). Kids spend almost a whole day at school wearing masks, it’s uncomfortable plus it harbors dirt and germs. My daughter who is in grade 2 comes home with a dirty mask even if they change masks after eating lunch. Masks get wet with sweat too.”


“It’s great! Their lungs weren’t made to be trapped. Since history only doctors in surgery wore masks and there was never a long term study on long term mask wearing. We havent worn masks since January, didn’t take precautions, met up with people everyday, and we have gotten a cold ONCE. Don’t let the fear allow you to disrupt children’s breathing. That will most definitely cause even worse health problems later on. It’s great they are exposed to germs, it’s how their bodies recognize and create an immune response. Let your children breathe.”


“N95 masks (the ones recommended for COVID) were initially designed for construction workers who would breathe in dust particles. As COVID is more than 100x smaller than dust particles, one must ask – then what for? It has always been a common belief and practice that we do not cover children’s faces due to SID’s (sudden infant death) so why are we doing this now? Parents want to protect their children. But it is also our responsibility to really research these things instead of just going with the flow.”



Above all, parents just want to keep their families safe and healthy. So, how about you? What are your ways of protecting your family’s health in these times? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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