Inflation is Real: Hacks to Manage the Household Expenses

We’re seeing it everywhere: rising prices for gasoline, rice, vegetables, or even the most basic commodities. With consistent price hikes and less and less bargains around, there’s no denying that the effects of inflation really hits hard.

As we navigate our current economy, it’s easy to be disheartened and just give up on any spending. But actually it’s during this time that we should be more aware and be wais spenders, especially as we approach the holidays and gift-giving season.

Here are some things you can do to save and maximize the money you spend:

Plan Ahead

To avoid burning holes in your pockets, it’s smart to avoid impulsive buying. Before going on a grocery run, list down the items that you only really need. Ask yourself so you can assess, “Do I need this bag of chips? How about this tray of eggs?”

It would also help to do meal planning. Buy ingredients that can be used for different dishes, and  staples that last long in your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer. Whenever possible, opt to buy fresh produce from your neighborhood wet market where goods are less expensive.

Rethink Online Shopping

One thing that the pandemic taught us is to rely on our phones and computers for shopping. And while online shopping is still very convenient, it can now also be a source of temptation. It’s so easy to browse and fill shopping carts with just a few taps on the phone or keyboard, and you don’t even have to leave the bed.

It may take a lot of willpower, but an option is to delete or deactivate shopping apps temporarily. If you’re looking for something less drastic, turn off the apps’ notifications in your phone and just do your best not to open them!

Take Advantage of Sales

Sales are blessings! However, it’s crucial to be really self-aware during the sale season. When there are discounts, it’s easy to get carried away, especially if you’re buying something for your child. Again, preparing ahead for what you only need to buy is key. Make an inventory of items you need to take stock of, whether these are for your little ones, for yourself, or for the rest of the family.

Also take the time to compare if you already have the best bargains before checking out your purchases. It can be cumbersome to go back and forth in stores, whether they’re physical or virtual, but all the effort will be worth it once you realize you’ve struck up the best deals.

Find Joy in Creative Ways

Although inflation is really upon us, it doesn’t mean that all the fun should go out the window. You can still schedule activities for the family every now and then. If you’re used to going out every weekend, try to see if every other weekend still works.

Going out doesn’t have to be expensive either. Try visiting parks or open grounds where you can just walk, play, or have a picnic with the family. And if you’re just staying at home, you can also explore other hobbies you can develop with your family. Have dance parties, try your hand at baking, or play around with your kids’ toys or games. Quality time together doesn’t have to be compromised, even on a tight budget.

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