Co-Sleeping Stories: These Moms Share Funny and Amusing Anecdotes

A crib is a must-have for a lot of first-time parents. It’s an item usually bought even before the baby arrives. But fast-forward to months after giving birth, many parents realize that it’s easier to co-sleep. Why? Well, who can resist that sweet baby smell, angelic smile and warm cuddles? Co-sleeping also seems to be the more practical route for some, especially when breastfeeding or simply when you want to check on how the baby is doing in the middle of the night. No matter what the reason is, co-sleeping with the kids definitely make nights more interesting!

We asked moms to share their most amusing co-sleeping stories with us, Read on and get ready with all those “awwww” and “Oh my, me too!” moments!

Around 3am I suddenly woke up to a feeling that somebody was watching me. Then I saw a shadow at the foot of our bed. Almost kicked it, then I realized it was just my son! Apparently, he woke up and was just staring at us. But he sure gave me the heebie-jeebies! – Cathy

I don’t remember how many times I fell asleep with one boob exposed out of sheer exhaustion, while my daughter is also passed out beside me, milk-drunk! – Mazie

My little girl was around 2 years old and still slept with us on the bed between hubby and I. When I woke up, hubby wasn't around and neither was our daughter. I tried looking for her around the house. When I went back to the room she fell from the bed na pala but she was still sleeping! Buti na lang she had her pillow pa kaya siguro she didn't cry when she fell. – Mia

When baby wakes up in the morning, he also tries to wake me up as well with his clingy gestures and if it didn't work, he pulls my hair (I'm pretty sure awake by this time, haha!) – Mona

I remember one night when I thought Rain was already asleep, she suddenly burst into song! We witness & enjoy her kakulitan while co-sleeping. – Marinelli

My breasts became my daughter’s comfort blanket, Lagi niya hinahawakan (until now minsan) because co-sleeping meant easy access to breastfeeding also! – Cha

The funniest stories happen just before he closes his eyes! Minsan nagulat ako. Pinapatulog ko sya while lying down, bigla na lang bumanat, “Mommy, will you marry me?” Natawa ako, tapos napahabang explanation sa kanya kasi walang katapusan sa “bakit hindi?”, “I’m a male, you’re a female, we love each other, why couldn’t we marry?”, “do God not want people to marry like us?”… hala ayun, napahaba ng explanation hanggang sa sya na lang nagsabi, “okay Mommy, I understand but still marry me please”. – Diane

They said sleep when they baby sleeps. They couldn’t be more wrong because when Natalia was a newborn baby, I would check her breathing and movement every 30mins just to make sure she’s still alive. And just when I’m about to fall asleep, I wake up because I feel like I hear her crying when she’s actually asleep. Then I’d complain, I’m not getting enough sleep. One morning I woke with huge back pain and I knew I didn’t workout the day before. Then I realized, sleeping with Natalia is when Karate Kid strikes all night- slaps and kicks galore when asleep. – Bea

When i breastfeed at night sa bed, my husband is snoring beside me, then the whole time snoring siya nakalatch sakin si baby pero un mata niya and ulo naka flex sa direction ni daddy. Pinapanood niya daddy niya while snoring. May bassinet kami, wala pa siyang total of 2 hours nagstay don, harang nalang siya sa side ko para di ako mahulog kc wala na akong space. – Rani

Since we're co-sleeping and still breastfeeding, my almost two year old baby girl just casually pull up my top and grab my boob anytime she wants. So magigising na lang ako na "Oh okay, she breastfed pala on her own na" – Kat

My son would literally go over my body, left to right and right to left while sleeping! he just loves to move around not just with me but with my husband too and would move around several times every night – Jacqui, mom of 1

In the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up because my baby was so restless beside me. I was so worried I checked his entire body – from head to toe! He woke up because he needed a change of diaper! Apparently, his stomach did a number on him in the middle of the night! - Ammiel

He will really try to push his bed time by making conversation about everything and anything! Last night, i recorded him saying that “the Lizard’s in the sticky paper and Nanang (our house help) threw it away. He quickly changed topic saying over and over to “Protect Spiders” and that we should say good night to them. This lasted for an hour with those topics. Hopefully, i’ll let him hear our convos when he’s older. – Diday, mom of 2

We would love to hear from you too! Share your funniest co-sleeping with us in the comments section!


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