10 Signs Your Baby Daddy Is One of the Greats

Just like we sometimes lose track of how many hours the baby’s been sleeping or how many diapers we’ve changed in a day, we also lose track of the many reasons we should be thankful for our partners. Parenting is never easy, but it is made a little less intimidating and a lot more fun when your partner is one of the greats! Today we round up 10 signs your baby daddy is a real-life superhero. Let this be a reminder to show him some extra love and appreciation today. A huge shout out to all the 10/10 dads out there! We see you. We are so thankful for you. We love you. There is no way we could do any of this without you!

It doesn’t have to be all the time, but enough to make a difference. Maybe he’s on nighttime duty so you can get more sleep or he volunteers during the day while you get some work done—whatever arrangement works for you both and keeps you from drowning in diapers.


Most especially on days when you’re too exhausted to put in any effort, it makes all the difference when he still looks at you with those eyes. He tells you that you look great. You know it’s probably not true thanks to the relentless swelling and the postpartum bangs, but hearing the words are enough to make your day.


There are dads who spend time with their babies because it’s their turn and then there are dads who give their babies their undivided attention without being asked. It’s important for both parents to be present and engaged while building unique, lasting relationships with their baby. Not mention the gratefu,l “is this really my life” feels when you’re watching the two enjoy their time together.


Extra points if he can swaddle old-school style, no fancy zippers, velcro, or snaps! It is not easy to master this folding technique and definitely does not get any easier as your baby grows older and starts to move around more.


Whether you latch or you pump your breastmilk, the baby is exclusively breastfed or combo-fed, there is no one “right” way to feed a baby. Moms are often on the receiving end of unsolicited advice when it comes to this topic, so support from your parter is so, so important.


It’s not uncommon to feel like having sex is on the bottom of the priority list after giving birth. He understands that your body is still healing and your focus is on your recovery and of course, your baby. When the time is right, you’ll both know and it will happen.


He may not follow the exact same bedtime routine as mommy, but he can get the job done. You have the freedom to work overtime (when needed) or have a girls night because you know your baby is in good hands. Another round of Goodnight Moon, anyone?


You’ve tried it yourself, so you know—baby gear is heavier and much more complicated than it looks. Yet somehow he manages to make lugging them around look so easy, with minimal complaints only. It must be because he’s had a lot of practice from all the daily walks, lunch outs, and overnight trips you planned.


Before feeding anything to the baby, he reads the label to check for common allergens. We sometimes forget to be extra careful when going through the motions of a daily routine, so it’s much appreciated when you can rely on him to be your all-around protector.


It’s often assumed that Mom is the default parent, but he knows that parenting is a joint responsibility. You share tasks. You communicate. You decide together. He knows he is your partner and the duty to care for your baby is shared. You are in this together, all the sleepless nights, first milestones, and everything in between your parenting journey.



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