Exciting Family Holiday Traditions You Can Start

As the holiday season is getting closer, our schedules are also getting tighter. We have our family reunions, our company parties, our kids’ Christmas shows, and on top of all of that, our long list of Christmas shopping! But aside from the hectic ber-month schedule, have you thought of how to make the holidays more meaningful for you and your family? We’ve listed down some simple holiday traditions you can do to help your kids understand the true meaning of the season.

Make a Gratitude List

Every Sunday, allot at least 15 minutes of your day to sit down as a family and write down one thing you’re grateful for. It may be as simple as writing “thank you for my toy” or even “thank you for the yummy food I ate”. Afterwards, drop your grateful list in an empty jar. When Christmas Day comes, gather together as a family and open up your little jar, read through the things that you were all grateful for from the time that you started and see that sparkle and magic of appreciating life as it is. Explain to your children that whether something big or small even good or bad has happened, we should always be grateful for these eye-opening opportunities. You wouldn’t know, this exercise might do good for you too, busy parents.


Go on a Fun Getaway with Your Loved Ones

Planning a short vacation may be the cherry on top of a busy year. At the start of the year, ask your kids where they want to go to for the holidays. My personal hack: ask for two options always. The first option should be somewhere near (Tagaytay, Batangas, La Union, etc), while the second option is somewhere far (Hongkong Disneyland, SixFlags, Universal Studios Singapore, etc.) This way, you’ll get to manage their expectations while you manage your budget!

You can share with your kids how much the whole family needs to save up for the trip by December. Then, prepare a list of chores that they have to do every day/week/month–each chore may equate to a few amounts of peso which can be placed in their travel jar. You may equate as simple as folding their blankets for 10 pesos, packing away their bags/shoes for 10 pesos, sweeping the floor for 10 pesos, etc. You may begin this chore from their room then extending it to the whole house. This way, you’re teaching them both responsibility with their belongings and saving up for their future travel.

This is a fun learning experience for your kids and also a good way to look forward to something good by the end of the year!


Plan Your Holiday Meal Together

Let your kids think of a simple dish that they can make with you at home. Letting them feel involved during a special occasion builds up their self-efficacy and self-confidence during the holiday season. You can let them mix the simple ingredients together, get some plates to set, or be the primary taste-tester of every dish that comes out of the kitchen. It’s going to be fun!


Decorate Ornaments

Prepare materials that your children can use in making their own Christmas ornaments. It can be something small like a Christmas Tree ornament, or something big like a wreath or a welcome sign. Depending on their age and capability, adjust the type of project you’ll assign. If you’re the type who wants all of the Christmas decors to look cohesive, then you can choose the colors that they can only work with. After the activity, make sure to display their work and you’ll be surprised how much their eyes will sparkle with pride upon seeing their contribution!


Do a Secret Santa, but with a twist!

Do you agree with me when I say that the holiday season is all about making someone else feel happy? One way to put a smile on someone’s face is to give them a surprise gift! Encourage your kids to set aside a small amount from their baon so they can save up for a Secret Santa gift for someone. This is a simple way of letting them know that Christmas is all about giving.


Getting ready for the holiday season? We hope that these suggestions will make it to your list of things to do with the family. Whether planning a big and grand celebration or even a small and simple one, remember it’s always the value of time spent with the family!


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