A Mom’s List of Go-To Stores for Last Minute Holiday Decors

It’s like we blinked and Christmas season is suddenly around the corner! Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? If this question causes you to panic, then we all know the answer! With less than a month to go, a long list of questions start piling in your mind: What Christmas motif will I choose this year? Where do I buy affordable last-minute decors? Do I even have enough time, willpower, and energy to browse countless social media sites for Christmas decors? Today, I’ll be listing a few of my personal go-to stores with the hope that it will help ease your panic a little. So from one busy working mama, I hope you enjoy these budget-friendly picks. Stores you can Physically Visit

Items on screen, no matter how visually appealing, will still look and feel different when you see them in person. Should there be a loose string or a tattered fray in the decor, you can easily ask for a new stock when you visit a physical store. If you have the time to visit these stores personally, why not, right?


I’ve always been a fan of the “Support Local” campaign, and in shopping, I try as much as possible to do exactly that. With Kultura, you can purchase Christmas tree decors starting at Php 149 (Abbaca Star Christmas Tree Ornament Set). Should you fancy more dainty pieces, they also have Capiz-made decors featured in their Holly Leaves and Angel with Trumpet collections (Php 399/set of 3). My personal favorites are the Natural Abbaca Christmas Balls (Php 399 pesos/set of 6) and Natural Christmas Wreath with lights (Php 899) as they are elegant and festive.

You may visit their IG page (they reply fast to queries, based on experience) and if you choose to shop online, they have reminders for how long shipping time will be. Their physical stores are also located in big malls and department stores if you would wish to see the items at closehand.

Photo via Kultura
Photo via Kultura

SM Department Store

True to its tagline “We’ve got it all for you”, when you type in “Christmas” in the search option of SM Department Store’s website, it will bring you to a total of 51 pages (Yes, I know some of you will do this for the sake of checking if this is true. Well, go ahead and goodluck with your checkout 😊).

Narrowed down to 21 pages if you type “Christmas décor”, you’ll be greeted by the cutest Santa, Snowmen, and Sparkling figurines that are priced between Php 179 to Php 1,499. If hanging stockings are just what you’re looking for, you’re in luck as these adorable Christmas stockings can be yours for just Php 399. They come in pastel and metallic colors. What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree? You may choose from a 6-foot tree (Php 1,199.20) to an 8-foot tree (Php 2,399.20). They also have Bright Ideas candles starting at Php 299 with the scents of Vanilla and White Tea and Ginger to bring out that Christmas feel into your homes.


To be honest, I’ve yet to visit the physical store of Ikea (I know, right, where have I been?) but upon checking the website I was able to navigate this with no trouble, just as easily as how my toddler likes to say, “No, thanks.”

The Strala (30 LED String lights) can be purchased at Php 590. These remind me of whimsical fairy lights. A set of 6 glasses named Storsint is also available, in which you can place small tea candles, just perfect for Christmas dinner/s (3 minimum, am I right?). Delicate Christmas balls in all shapes and sizes are just waiting for you to add them to your cart, starting at Php 400.

Photo via Ikea


Stores You Can Purchase From Online 

It’s 2022, and online shopping has never been more hassle-free! Gone are the days where you have to wait in long lines and packed venues. With a click, you’re on your way to closing that Christmas list which just won’t stop adding to itself. With this option, you’ll also be able to save more on fuel as well.


What’s a Filipino Christmas without a parol? While browsing the IG page of @parol.ph, my hand strayed to the add to cart button a little too many times. You’ll also be in the same boat as you see the lovely, Capiz-made creations that symbolize hope and joy in every household. Prices start at Php 2,400 for these beautiful hand-made masterpieces.

Photo via Parol.ph
Photo via Parol.ph


The best gifts come from the heart, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than to have our children decorate our ornaments? For Php 650, you can get a Christmas kit from Funtaskkit which comes with wooden ornaments and twine, markers, pompoms, and stickers! For the same price, you can also get get yummy Christmas cookies as well and let me tell you, parents, my child had a blast in outlining her gingerbread cookies with generous and tasty icing.


The Planting Princess
Poinsettia and Christmas cheer go naturally together. The Planting Princess merges our love of flowers and Pasko with the Poinsettia Gift set (comes with Poinsettia mat, abaca coaster, mistletoe napkin ring, bayong bag as packaging which can be yours for Php 1,019 (set of 4), Php 1,491 (set of 6), or Php 2,085 pesos (set of 10).

Photo via The Planting Princess
Photo via The Planting Princess


Christmas season is in full swing, and while it is one of our favorite holidays ever because of the gifts we give and receive, let’s also remember to treasure the gift of togetherness with our families.

Happy and safe shopping, everyone!


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