This is Where You Can Find Affordable Christmas Gifts When You’re Shopping Last Minute!

Hey, Mom! Have you already accomplished your Christmas list and checked it twice? If the answer is No, don’t fret! Busy parents like yourself already have a lot (probably too much) on your plate. When you add gift shopping into the mix, things can get even more stressful especially now that Christmas is only a few days away and holiday parties are already happening left and right. Here’s the good news: We’re always on the lookout for ways to make tasks like gift shopping much easier for you. So, we found the store where you can conveniently purchase those last minute Christmas gifts and at budget-friendly prices, too.

Parenting platform edamama has brought anko to our shores! anko is a beloved Australian lifestyle brand that offers great quality toys and gears that won’t break the bank. The name anko stands for “A new kind of” which celebrates life’s simple, everyday joys through minimalist yet functional items that brighten up your home. The quality, affordable price-point, and convenience of shopping for anko Toys and anko Gears answers your holiday shopping worries. You can find anko at the edamama Pop-Up Store in Glorietta 4 or on the edamama app and website.

We also collaborated with edamama to round-up a few gift suggestions you can consider from Anko. Check out all the details as you keep reading!

For Kids Ages 2 to 3 Years Old
The little ones from the ages of two to three years old are a lot more curious and they love to experiment with their hands, create things, and even mimic your actions. They will surely enjoy a gift that will encourage pretend play like the 30-Piece Wooden Market Stall, a playset where they can be the owners of their own market complete with wooden fruits, vegetables, and crates! Give the gift of music with the Wooden Music Table where they can compose their own beats or how about letting their imagination soar by building their own dinosaur kingdom out of 60 pieces of dinosaur themed toys in the Dinosaur Adventure Bucket?

30-Piece Wooden Market Stall
Wooden Music Table
Dinosaur Adventure Bucket

For Kids Ages 4 Years Old and Up
At this age, there’s already a big progression in their learning abilities so toys that are educational would be recommended. Go for interactive toys that will aid reading and speaking skills such as the Learn to Spell Letter and Object Recognition which has 52 alphabet tiles and 100 word cards. Another fun and colorful surprise is the Mega Accessory Kit which allows them to enjoy making their own trinkets.

Learn to Spell Letter and Object Recognition

For the New Parents
Something to help new parents as they navigate life with their baby would surely be appreciated. Choose thoughtful gifts that are useful and also fun to have such as these anko Gears: the Reversible Padded Mat which can be used as a floor mat and as room decor, the Wooden Activity Gym that can fit inside cribs or playpens, the 3-in-1 Portacot that comes with a bassinet mattress and mattress cover, the Flat Fold Highchair that has a meal tray with a drink holder for comfier mealtimes, or the Metal Gate (with 2 Extensions) to keep the little ones (who can already walk) from wandering to the doorways, hallways, and staircases.

Reversible Padded Mat
Wooden Activity Gym
3-in-1 Portacot
Flatfold Highchair
Metal Gate (with 2 Extensions)


Additional Tips for Last Minute Gift Shopping:

Opt for Same Day Delivery through the Personal Shopper
When you just don’t have enough time in the day to go to the mall, choose the convenient route by purchasing your Christmas gifts online on the edamama platforms (app and website). A great perk is that you can enjoy the services of the Personal Shopper which includes same-day delivery! Your anko purchases will be delivered straight to your door without having to wait and track your order for days. Absolutely convenient for last minute holiday shopping.

Avail of Free Gift Wrapping Services
Save more time and money by availing of free gift wrapping services both online and at the edamama Pop-Up Store in Glorietta 4. You can have your purchases all wrapped nicely and ready to surprise your loved ones! No need for you to spend extra hours taping up gift wrappers and tying ribbons.

Make Use of Those Discounts
When you shop online or at the Pop-Up Store, you get the privilege of availing special discounts both for anko Toys and anko Gears that are up to 40% off. So, you can buy as many gifts as you need all from anko through edamama without going over your allocated shopping budget! And let’s not forget, edamama also gives you FREE shipping when you shop online.

Go ahead and shop for gifts just in time for Christmas! Visit the edamama Pop-Up Store in Glorietta 4, or the edamama app and website to check out all the awesome and affordable items from anko.

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