Holiday Guide for Every Lactating Mom

The season of family reunions, sumptuous feasts, and gift shopping has arrived. We are just a few weeks away from Christmas and we’re definitely feeling the rush. If you’re a new momma who is still figuring out the rhythm of breastfeeding, holiday activities can get challenging. Here are a few reminders to keep in mind to make sure you and your baby are both comfortable, fed, and happy. Happy Holidays!

Holiday Guide for Every Lactating Mom

Stick to your pumping or breastfeeding schedule

Your schedule for the holidays may be very erratic and hectic. You’ll be at your parent’s house for lunch then meet up with friends for dinner, then shop for Christmas presents in between. There are a lot of movements, many places to be in, and so many things to accomplish. But remember that amidst all your to-dos, make sure that you stick to your breastfeeding or pumping schedule. By doing so, your milk supply won’t dwindle. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you that it’s time to feed or pump. Also, remember to carry your pumping gear if you’re not bringing your baby along.

Make sure to eat, drink and rest

It sure can get tiring trying to be in two places at the same time. This is your reminder so slow down, unschedule, and streamline your holiday commitments. Make room for rest and always indulge in good food. There’s a baby who is highly depended on the milk you produce so eat up, rest up, and drink your heart away.

Protect yourself

Even if the restrictions are already lifted for CoVid-19, it’s not a secret that the danger and threat of the virus is still very real. Protect your baby by protecting yourself. Wear a mask wherever you go and minimize your exposure as much as possible. Holidays are for family and friends, but if anyone from the group is not feeling well, you have the option to skip the event for your sake and your baby’s.

Enjoy but listen to your body

The holidays can take a toll on your body, momma. Add on the energy you’ll exhaust while breastfeeding, it can be too much. If this is your first Christmas with your little one, give yourself room to learn what schedule works best for you and your baby, and definitely listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel fatigued, try to sleep a little longer. If you feel like a cold is about to start, amp up your vitamin intake. This is the season to be merry with family, but also a season to quiet down and be thankful for the little bundle of joy entrusted to you in 2022.

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