Pretty and Practical Items to Add to Your Nursery!

Building the nursery is every nesting momma’s biggest project. It takes time to plan and execute, that’s why some begin as early as they find out the gender of their baby or as soon as they step into the third trimester.

With the rising cost of everything nowadays, every money that flies off the wallet for the coming of the little one must be a worthy investment. So nesting mommas ask themselves, should I go for aesthetic or function? or is both possible?

Check out these nursery items that are aesthetic and also functional!

Pikler Triangle
Developed by Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler, the Pikler Triangle is the “world’s first indoor climbing frame for kids” that encourages independent play. It’s big and bulky, yes, but the principle behind the Pikler Triangle is that children don’t need a ton of toys, because they can already entertain themselves! It may be primarily designed as a climbing frame, but it can also be used as a child’s tunnel, tent, home, and so on! With this piece, creativity is the key to make it work!

Pikler Triangle from Dev Depot PH


Magnus Rocker
Kids would usually tuck themselves in wherever their parents or guardians are: beds, chairs, benches, name it! The truth is, to save cost, adults would just use their own furniture for their kids. The Magnus Rocker provides a solution to that problem, because it is designed specifically for kids. In other words, they’ll learn to be more accountable to their own things because it’s their own. With this rocker, kids will find it easy to climb up and down, and sit down by themselves to read.

Magnus Rocker from Hugo Happy Home


Tyler 6-in-1 Convertible Crib
Many moms would vote against buying a crib, and the topmost reason for it is it will only be used for a short time. With a convertible crib like Tyler, moms won’t need to worry about the space it will consume in any room! This crib may be used as a newborn crib, co-sleeper, playpen, toddler’s sofa, rocker, drawing board, and storage space! Its color will also fit and blend in any room, so there’s no need to worry about it being an eyesore.

Tyler Crib from Lily and Tucker Studios


Sevi Rocking Chair
If you’re planning to breastfeed, you need to set up your long nights with a very comfortable chair! Trust us when we say that finding a good position to breastfeed will be challenging at times. This Sevi Rocking Chair will provide that comfort, while making your room more appealing. The memories you will build with your little one while snuggling him or her on this chair will surely be priceless.

Sevi Rocking Chair from Kiddie Station Ph


Lorwyn Kids Rotating Bookshelf
A bookshelf usually takes up so much space, but this one is different. It’s actually a space saver once you set it up at the corner of the room! With its design, you can encourage creativity and imagination with your kids. While it’s really meant to be a bookshelf, it can also be home to your kids’ toys, too! Their hearts will surely have a place for this bookshelf for a long time.

Lorwyn Rotating Bookshelf from Hamlet Kids Room


Hopscotch Kids Carpet
Are kids allowed to bring their outdoor play inside the home? With the right tools and materials, and with their safety in mind, they are! Kids carpet like this hopscotch-designed one is a good addition to the room, as it is not only aesthetic and functional, it is also educational! Teach your kids to play the game and to value discipline and sportsmanship through carpets like this.

Hopscotch Kids Carpet from Hamlet Kids Room
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