6 Mom Resolutions to Make (Even If You Know You’ll Break Them)

It’s that time of the year again—a time for broken sleep schedules and countless retakes for an IG-worthy family photo. The holidays might not always feel like the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s definitely a great time to reflect and look ahead. One of the more popular practices worldwide is setting New Year’s Resolutions for yourself and for a better year. Admittedly, more often than not, these resolutions don’t seem to make it to February, but it doesn’t hurt to try. You never know, this just might be the year you actually manage to stick to it and you’ll surely thank yourself later. How about some ideas for resolutions to make to be an even better mama? Keep on reading for a few ideas that are worth trying. Know that we’ll be rooting for you and your resolutions every step of the way. Happy New Year from the Baby and Breakfast team!

6 Mom Resolutions to Make (Even If You Know You’ll Break Them)

Clean up your smart phone's photo gallery

Does anyone know why moms take 100 almost identical photos of their baby, but can’t seem to delete a single one? We may not know the science behind it, but we feel you. We know it’s tough. It’s starts with them as a newborn and then with every milestone and then it never really ends. Unless you upgraded the storage capacity of your smart phone for Christmas, this is the resolution for you. Sit down, start scrolling, and free up some storage space. Pro tip: you don’t need the videos where you’re saying beautiful eyes or close open on repeat and your baby is apathetic, clearly uninterested.


Clean up your smart phone's photo gallery

It’s completely normal and understandable that your world revolves around your newborn in the first few months. Once you find your rhythm—trust us, you will find it eventually— you will realize that you have time and space to show affection to others too. Prioritize spending quality time with your other half and avoid brining the baby along and diverting all conversation topics to the baby. Plan a date doing things you love to do together and catch up on what the other’s been feeling and thinking about. Reminisce, but also plan ahead. See sparks fly, but also keep the fire burning.


Limit early morning online shopping sprees

We agree, there’s a very limited option of activities available when you’re breastfeeding or pumping in the wee hours in the morning. It may be too difficult to stop cold turkey, but you can try committing to reducing your usual cart value or doing more of window shopping. Spending smarter is one of the most popular resolutions for a reason. You not only improve your budgeting skills, you also sharpen your prioritization and self-control.


Be kinder to your body

There is no time requirement to getting your pre-pregnancy body back. Your body does not simply bounce back postpartum because time has passed. Your body needs time to heal and it also needs you to let go of near impossible standards of what your body should look like. Eat to nourish your body and feed your baby, not because you want to shed the baby weight stat. Exercise because you feel good when you move, not because you have to burn all the calories you consumed yesterday. Sleep to rest and to recover. Meditate to find inner peace.


Reduce screen time when you're with your kids

We’ve heard time again the importance of being present when we’re with our kids. Yes, it’s great to capture priceless moments on our phones. No, it’s not as great as watching them with our own eyes. Yes, it’s great when you can balance work-life and mom-life. But no, it’s never just one more email to send. It’s impractical to commit to no phones when you’re playing with your kids, so simply start by putting down the phone more often. Focus on reading books and playing with toys when you’re on the play mat. Replying to that email can wait until it’s nap time.


Make more time for "me-time"

Moms are often overstimulated too and it would do you some good to ask for a break. Call in reinforcement from your husband or your mother and spend a few hours on your own. Whether it’s a mani-pedi at the mall or a coffee run and workout that would bring you joy, just do it. You’ll surely miss your little one while you’re away, but you’ll feel so much more like yourself afterwards. There’s just something so restorative about being alone when your norm is constant interaction and caring for another individual.

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